Specialty Gas Control

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99.99% 4.0 100 ppm
99.995% 4.5 50 ppm
99.999% 5.0 10 ppm
99.9995% 5.5 5 ppm
99.9999% 6.0 1 ppm
99.99999% 7.0 100 ppb

Purity Grade

Speciality gases are available in a range of purity grades.

The important measures of purity are the overall precentage purity of the gas and the identity snd levels of impurities present in the gas.The grade system is issues to identify the precentage purity of the gases.In this system the first digit signifies the number of 9's in the precentage purity.The second digit indicates the next number that differs from a 9.

As an Example, in Argon 4.5;

There are four 9's in the purity and the next digit is 5-99995, purity precentage is 99.995%.