ESAB products are backed by some of the best warranties around.

At ESAB, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Your ESAB product is backed by one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the industry. You can feel confident that with the purchase of an ESAB product, you have selected the best quality, supported by the best customer service available. Our ESAB Warranty will keep you covered.

What’s covered by the ESAB Warranty?
The ESAB Warranty covers every piece of ESAB welding equipment, every filler metal, every gas apparatus, and every plasma machine – every product that ESAB sells in the US, Canada, and Mexico, excluding the following: mechanized cutting machines, scarfing machines, automation equipment, spare parts, consumables, special orders, re-manufactured items, minimum run products, and freight damage.

Product warranty periods.
Properly stored ESAB filler metals are warranted to be fully serviceable and free from any defects in materials or workmanship for one full year after the date of shipment from ESAB. The warranty period for ESAB welding equipment starts on the invoice date of purchase by the original end user, or from the date of manufacture if the original invoice cannot be produced.

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ESAB filler metals are guaranteed from defects in material or workmanship and will conform with ESAB’s published product specifications for 12 months after the date of shipment, provided that the products are stored and maintained in accordance to ESAB’s Storage Guidelines (Document GEN-27116/NA/EN/03-14-18). This warranty does not cover defects derived from the filler metal selection or from the welding operations, which are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and may have an effect in the product’s performance. In case of warranty breach, ESAB will have the right to exchange, or accept the return by the Purchaser of existing inventory and issue credit at the price paid by the Purchaser, plus any shipping costs incurred by the purchaser in connection with the purchase of such Product after ESAB has had the opportunity to analyze the claim. No products may be returned to ESAB without ESAB’s written authorization.

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ESAB MIG Welding (GMAW) Equipment
Power Sources & Wire Feeders – Manual & Semi-Automatic
Automatic & Robotic GMAW Controls, etc.
GMAW Torches*
ESAB Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Equipment
LAF/TAF series Power Sources
Multitrac, Mastertrac, MiniMaster, ArcMaster, G Master, Tandem
Controls & Accessories – Flux Recovery System, Joint Tracking and Positioning System, etc.
ESAB TIG Welding (GTAW) & Stick Welding (SMAW) Equipment
Power Sources
GTAW Torches*, Heliarc Outfits
Optional Kits for ESAB Power Sources and Wire Feeders
Digital Meters, Pulse Kit, Post/Pre Flow, etc. 1 1 1 1
ESAB Remote Controls and Mechanized Controls
Foot Controls, Hand Controls, Pendants, Arc Starters, UEC-8 Control, J-Governor Control, etc.
ESAB Plasma Equipment
Power Sources (other than HP 125)
Automatic Plasma Controls – Flow Control, Plumbing Boxes, etc.
Plasma Torches*
ESAB Automation Products
Miggytrac Tractors
Orbital Tig – Power sources, controls, accessories and heads
Applied Automation (CaB, Gantrac, and Walltrac systems)
Positioners and Turning Rolls
Engineering Products (FSW, Laser Hybrid, and NGW)
SENTINEL Welding Helmets
Cartridge for Eye-Tech Helmets
Water Circulators
Remanufactured Equipment
Special Customer Order Equipment
SGX, Combirex, Suprarex, Numorex, Telerex Models 2
Crossbow 3
Replacement Parts
(1) Same period as associated power sources and wire feeders.
(2) For breakdowns or failures occurring more than 6 months after shipment the Purchaser is responsible for ESAB’s labor cost or expense of repair or replacement of any components or parts thereof which ESAB’s examination proves to be defective.
(3) The Purchaser is responsible for ESAB’s labor cost or expense of repair or replacement of any components or parts thereof which ESAB’s examination proves to be defective.

* ESAB strongly recommends the use of original equipment replacement parts for its equipment. While the use of aftermarket parts does not automatically void ESAB’s warranties for its equipment, any obligations arising from ESAB’s warranty will be voided if the design, manufacture, or composition of parts or components not manufactured by ESAB are a material cause of the malfunction or poor performance of (or damage to) the equipment.

Warranty periods for our most popular Victor regulators, torches, and handles have been extended, including a LIFETIME Warranty on all EDGE Series 2.0 regulators.

EDGE™ Series regulators              
Legacy SR Series regulators              
300 series torches and handles              
All "G" Series regulators              
400 series torches and handles              
HP&I Brass Regulators/Manifolds, Oxygen Conservers, All other Victor Medical products              
Steel Cylinders, Cutting Machine Motor (i.e. VCM200)              
HP&I Stainless Regulators/Manifolds (non-corrosive gas), Parts in Rental Applications              
HP&I Corrosive Gas Regulators/Manifolds              
Thermal DynamicsThermal DynamicsWARRANTY PERIOD 4 YRS. 3 YRS. 2 YRS. 1 YR. 90 DAY 180 DAY + LABOR
Cutmaster® TRUE™ (Power Source)          
Drag-Gun® Plus, PAK® 200          
AirCut® 15C, CutSkill® units (Power Source), Stand Off Controls, 1Torch®, SureLok®, XTR, XT / XT-301, Maximizer® torches          
All Other "Torch and Leads" Packages          
Replacement Repair Parts          
A40i, A60i, Cutmaster A80, Cutmaster A120 (US Power Supply)        
A40i, A60i, Cutmaster A80, Cutmaster A120 (Non US Power Supply)        
Ultra-Cut XT™ and Auto-Cut XT™ (Power Supplies & Components)         1yr.
XT™ / XT™-301 Torch (Excluding Consumable Parts)        
Repair/Replacement Parts            
MST 3-in-1 Machines (Power Source)      
TIG Welding Machines (Power Source)      
OxyFuel Outfits, Tote, Torch Kit, Regulators, Cutting Attachment, Cutting Welding Handle, Straight Cutting Torch, AirFuel Torches, Auto-Darkening Helmets      
MIG Guns & TIG Torches supplied with Power Source      
TC and TCV Water Coolers        
TSC-96 Smoke Collector: 1 year for parts, no warranty for labor        
Professional MIG Guns (i.e. PulseMaster™ MIG Guns & PullMaster™, Spray Master®, Eliminator®, Supra™, Classic No. #, SEFC, etc)        
All Other Products (Including Fusion™ MIG Guns, WeldSkill® MIG and Spool Guns)        
TwecoThermal ArcWARRANTY PERIOD 3 YRS. 2 YRS. 1 YR. 180 DAY 90 DAY 30 DAY + LABOR
ArcMaster®, PowerMaster®, Ultrafeed®, Fabricator® 3 in 1, Portable DC Welders 161S, 201TS & 186 AC/DC, Ultima® 150, WC-100B          
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet (Electronic Lens) Head Gear assembly which is 1 month            
Victor® Regulator for Fabricator® 3 in 1: 2 years for parts, no warranty for labor            
95S, Water Recirculators: 1 year for parts and labor            
All Plasma Welding Consoles (i.e WC-1 Controller, WF-100 Capstain Feeder, etc)            
Plasma Welding Torch and Leads Packages            
Gas Regulators for "Supplied with Power Sources"            
Remote Controls            
Replacement Repair Parts            
MIG and TIG Torches (Supplied with Power Sources)            
Firepower Welders: 5-2-1 years for parts, no warranty for labor              
Contact your Stoody representative for warranty information on this Product.
Filing an ESAB Warranty claim.
For all warranty claims, Buyer should contact ESAB with all relevant details such as ESAB part number, manufacturing date code, heat and control numbers, serial number, complete description of the difficulty encountered, length of time in service, the conditions under which the Goods failed, and original purchase price paid.

For: Welding Equipment/Automated Cutting Systems
Phone 1-800-426-1888
Fax 800-535-0557

For: Filler Metals
Please contact your ESAB Sales Account Manager. If you are an end user, please contact your local Authorized ESAB distributor for assistance with warranty claims.

ESAB will determine whether to have the Goods returned for inspection and repair or handled in some other manner (for example: shipping replacement Goods "no charge" or issuing credit). Credit for Welding Equipment/Automated Cutting Systems may be subject to a depreciation charge based on length of time the Goods were in service. Written approval in the form of a Return Authorization form ("RA") will be issued if Buyer is to return Goods for repair or replacement. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE ANY GOODS TO BE RETURNED WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM ESAB. A copy of the RA must accompany the return shipment of the Goods to ESAB, and the Goods must be received within 30 days of issuance of the RA. Any RA remaining open after 30 days will be cancelled, and the Buyer will be billed for any "no charge" replacement Goods supplied. Any Goods subsequently returned against a cancelled RA will be returned to the Buyer freight collect.

If a returned Good is determined to have failed for reasons other than defects in materials or workmanship within the scope of the warranty policy or if the applicable warranty has expired, Buyer will be contacted for disposition. If such a Good is to be returned to Buyer, freight charges will be borne by Buyer, and Buyer also will be billed for any "no charge" replacement Goods supplied during the investigation of the complaint.