A6S SAW/ESS Strip Cladding Head


A6S SAW/ESS Strip Cladding Head

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For surfacing with high alloyed materials



  • Used in combination with standard A6S Arc Master welding head
  • Provides an economical solution for surfacing with high alloyed materials such as stainless steel or nickel-based alloys
  • Choose a wider variety of parent materials and consumables
  • Stainless steel cladding is widely used in production of components where additional strength or corrosion resistance is required
  • Welding head can be fitted with electrode strips as wide as 1.2-4.0 in. and as thick as 0.02 in.

Wire/Strip Specifications

Strip Width (met) 30-100 mm
Strip Width (imp) 1.2-4.0 in.
Strip Thickness (met) 0.5 mm
Strip Thickness (imp) 0.02 in.

Wire Dimensions

Wire Diameter 3.2 mm
Wire Diameter 1/8 in.

Extra Info

Electroslag welding (ESW) is a method of strip cladding, but differs from SAW strip cladding in that the arc is created between the electrode and the workpiece.

The welding flux that is put into the joint melts and a slag pool is produced, which then increases in depth.

When the temperature of the slag and its conductive capacity thereby increases, the arc is extinguished and the welding current is conducted via the molten slag where the necessary welding energy is produced through resistance.

This method can be used for joining thicknesses of 25 mm (1 in.) and above.

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