Model 72 Valve Repair Weld Head


Model 72 Valve Repair Weld Head

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The Model 72 is designed for welding, rewelding, or cladding eroded valve-to-pipe welds or for internal repair of many valve types from 8 in. through 24 in. Its modular features allow access through the bonnet without cutting or removal of valve welds. The head design allows installation where radial and axial access clearance to the valve is restricted.

The Model 72 features include multi-pass rotation, 100 IPM wire feed, AVC, cross-seam oscillation and axial position adjustment over a wide area. 300 ampere torch features leading and trailing edge direct-video weld vision using patented AMI arc-light filtration. Recommended for use on I.D. weld repairs, inlay applications along the bore or seat hardfacing and cladding.



  • Configurable for internal repair of valves from 8 in. through 24 in.
  • Minimal radial and axial clearance
  • Cross-seam steering
  • Synchronized torch oscillation, AVC, rotation and wire feed
  • On-board wire feed mechanics
  • Compatible with the AMI Model 215 and 415 power supplies
For general dimensional and outline information, request drawing No.: 40720000. Due to variations in valve sizes, contours, flanges and bolt arrangements each Model 72 application may require some modification or custom design work. Contact AMI with your application details.

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