FR Line of Welding Apparel


FR Line of Welding Apparel

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ESAB’s FR Line of flame retardant clothing is designed to give maximum protection to the professional welder while providing comfort in the most demanding environments.



  • Garments are made with Phoenix FR material, which gives the clothing 100% FR protection for the lifetime of the garment. There are no worries of washing out or wearing down the flame retardant fibers as these proprieties are an inherent part of the garment.

    The Jersey
  • Lightweight
  • For warmer climates

    The Fleece
  • Full zip front
  • For cooler climates

    The Winter
  • Rugged
  • For the coldest climates

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Part Numbers : FR Line of Welding Apparel
FR Fleece, Large (Chest 42 in.) 0700010370
FR Fleece, Medium (Chest 40 in.) 0700010369
FR Fleece, Small (Chest 38 in.) 0700010368
FR Fleece, X Large (Chest 44 in.) 0700010371
FR Fleece, XX Large (Chest 46 in.) 0700010372
The Jersey, Large (Chest 42 in.) 0700010375
The Jersey, Medium (Chest 40 in.) 0700010374
The Jersey, Small (Chest 38 in.) 0700010373
The Jersey, X Large (Chest 44 in.) 0700010376
The Jersey, XX Large (Chest 46 in.) 0700010377
The Winter, Large (Chest 42 in.) 0700010360
The Winter, Medium (Chest 40 in.) 0700010359
The Winter, Small (Chest 38 in.) 0700010358
The Winter, X Large (Chest 44 in.) 0700010361
The Winter, XX Large (Chest 46 in.) 0700010362