PUROX 4209 Series


PUROX 4209 Series

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Designed for rivet busting and bolt removal.



  • Hard drawn, electrolytic, tough pitch copper used in one-piece nozzles – withstands heat and wear – outlasts any copper alloy nozzle
  • Precise CNC controlled drilling process ensures consistency in performance and quality
  • One-piece tips have triple swaged interior – gas passages are mirror smooth with internal angles rounded for non-turbulent, more efficient gas flow – clean, smooth cuts with minimal kerf
  • Preheat ports are closely spaced around cutting orifice for greater concentration of preheat flames
  • Long, parallel preheat passages permit re-dressing tips without affecting performance
  • One-piece tips are a single piece of solid copper– provide maximum cooling – recommended always for acetylene, and for other fuel gases when heat exposure is unusually severe
  • Two-piece tips – recommended for high efficiency with alternate fuels – solid copper, heavy-wall external sleeve and brass internal sections can be ordered separately to minimize replacement cost


  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Light Fabrication

Tip Specifications

Preheat Holes 2
Rivet Bolt Diameter 5/8-3/4
Tip Size 5 in.
Preheat Holes 2
Rivet Bolt Diameter 1-1.5
Tip Size 7 in.

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4209 Series Acetylene Tip, 5/8-3/4 inch Riv or Bolt Diameter 16K47 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR