Cryo-Shield Ni9


Cryo-Shield Ni9

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Flux cored wire for welding of 9% Ni steel. Cryo-Shield Ni9 is a gas shielded flux cored wire that can be used for welding in all positions using 100% CO2 shielding gas. This welding material is a Nickel-based with excellent crack resistance and anti-porosity on the weld bead surface.


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

As Welded
Impact Value 65 J
Shielding Gas CO2 Shielding gas
Testing Temperature -196 °C

Typical Tensile Properties

ConditionElongationShielding GasTensile Strength Yield Strength
As Welded44 %CO2 Shielding gas730 MPa440 MPa

Deposition Data

Current 130-220 A
Deposition Rate 1.9-4.6 kg/h
Diameter 1.2 mm
Voltage 24-29 V
Wire Feed Speed 5.8-14.4 m/min


Grade Manufacturer Guarantee
Society ABS
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type Ni Cr Mo
Welding Current DC+

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Cr Cu Fe Mn Mo Nb+Ta Ni P S Si Ti
CO2 Shielding gas
0.02 % 19.0 % 0.01 % 9.0 % 1.45 % 8.15 % 3.00 % 58.5 % 0.01 % 0.002 % 0.45 % 0.12 %

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Part Numbers : Cryo-Shield Ni9
Cryo-Shield Ni9 1.2mm 15kg VP 35N912982V FIND A DISTRIBUTOR