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Sureweld10P PLUS

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Sureweld 10P Plus is a modified version of the standard 10P electrode and can be differentiated by its gray coating. It has also been developed for the pipe welding industry but has a more consistent burn-off and a more forgiving arc burn. This provides a better bead profile and sidewall fusion with lower spatter. Sureweld 10P Plus will maintain the proper keyhole in an open root and will produce X-ray quality joints in the flat, horizontal, overhead, vertical-up, and vertical-down procedures. Sureweld 10P Plus is recommended for welding API grades A25, A, B and X42 pipe and general structural, ship, barge and storage tank fabrication. It may also be used for welding root passes in higher grade pipe in some circumstances.



  • Civil Construction
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Pipeline

Welding Process

  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Mn P S Si
0.15 % 0.60 % 0.01 % 0.01 % 0.20 %
0.15 %


Grade CSA W48
Society CWB
Grade AWS A5.1: E6010
Society ABS
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

Testing Temperature -29 degC
Testing Temperature -20 degF
Impact Value (met) 45 J
Impact Value (imp) 33 ft-lb
As Welded


Name ASME SFA 5.1
Grade E6010
Name AWS A5.1

Consumable Characteristics

Welding Current DC+
Coating Type High cellulose

Typical Tensile Properties

ConditionElongationTensile Strength (imp)Yield Strength (imp)
As Welded25 %599 MPa (86.9 ksi)503 MPa (72.9 ksi)

Deposition Data

Current Deposition Rate Diameter Efficiency (%) Optimal Amps
80-140 A 0.9 kg/h(2.1 lb/h) 3.2 mm(1/8 in.) 76.3 % 100 A
80-140 A 1 kg/h(2.3 lb/h) 3.2 mm(1/8 in.) 68.8 % 130 A
150-210 A 1.5 kg/h(3.3 lb/h) 4.8 mm(3/16 in.) 74.9 % 160 A
150-210 A 1.6 kg/h(3.5 lb/h) 4.8 mm(3/16 in.) 69.7 % 190 A
40-75 A 0.7 kg/h(1.5 lb/h) 2.4 mm(3/32 in.) 72 % 75 A
130-175 A 1.3 kg/h(2.8 lb/h) 4.0 mm(5/32 in.) 73.6 % 140 A
130-175 A 1.3 kg/h(2.9 lb/h) 4.0 mm(5/32 in.) 64.1 % 170 A

Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : Sureweld10P PLUS
10P PLUS 1/8X14X50#HS 811004050
10P PLUS 3/32X12X50#HS SAMPLE 811004043
SW 10P PLUS 1/8X14X10#HS 811004233
SW 10P PLUS 3/16X14X50#HS 811004076
SW 10P PLUS 3/32X14X10#HS 811004902
SW 10P PLUS 5/32X14X10#HS 811004241
SW 10P PLUS 5/32X14X50#HS 811004068