The WeldScanner is a multipurpose measuring device, usable as data logger, oscilloscope and for validation –designed by welding experts.



  • Documentation of welding seams
  • Easily find the root cause of errors
  • Cooling time measurement for T 8/5
  • Convenient data export
  • Interactive touch screen with curve progression that shows all welding parameters
  • Rugged system made to withstand use in rough conditions for daily use
  • Easy to operate and simple to connect to any welding power source
Various Applications
  • Automatic recording of weld time and consumption values ( gas and energy)
  • Calculation of heat input by entering the seam length to the device
  • Capable of measuring all welding arc types, True RMS measuring and Rectified Average Mean Value for square waves
  • Calculation of arc energy (heat input) using instantaneous values in compliance with ISO 15641 and ISO/TR 18491
  • Production control assistance conforms to EN 1090
  • Contactless cooling time measurement T 8/5
  • Scope measurement up to 20 kHz

Welding Process

  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • SAW - Submerged Arc Welding
  • Resistance Welding

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Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : WeldScanner
WeldScanner S3 Base Device HKS0001433 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Accessories : WeldScanner
Plug Adapter for Welding Voltage HKS0000322 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Add-on WeldScanner Cooling Time Measurement HKS0000908 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Gas Flow Sensor 30 l/min HKS0001425 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Wire Sensor Mobile HKS0001428 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Connecting Cable for Sensors 5 m -S3 HKS0001430 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Process Sensor P 100K –Resistance Welding HKS0001464 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Wire Sensor SAW 3-5 mm HKS0001816 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
WeldScanner Robust Case Type 2 HKS0002275 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Process Sensor P350/500 HKS0002381 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Process Sensor P700/1000 HKS0002382 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Process Sensor P1400/2000 HKS0002383 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Process Sensor P2800/4000 HKS0002384 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR

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