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The joining of ESAB and Victor brings together more than two centuries of welding and cutting experience. Now all the welding and cutting solutions you need are available from one company - ESAB.

ESAB - World Leader in the Production of Welding and Cutting Equipment and Consumables.

Our innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from our customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader.

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Exaton Specialty Filler Metals

Exaton (formerly Sandvik Welding Operations) specializes in crafting the highest-quality filler metals with unwavering consistency for welding stainless steel and nickel alloys in the most-demanding environments.

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GCE® is now part of the ESAB family

ESAB is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Gas Control Equipment ('GCE'). GCE businesses have more than 100 years of experience developing, manufacturing and distributing equipment for pressure and flow control of high pressure gases, offering full solutions for general industrial, healthcare, high-purity, as well as science and research applications.

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Victor Gas Equipment

Victor® Gas Equipment - Leader in Gas Equipment

Victor Gas Equipment's tradition of unparalleled safety, performance and reliability remains a cornerstone of the brand.

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Thermal Dynamics

Thermal Dynamics® - Advanced Plasma Cutting

Thermal Dynamics is the leading producer of manual and automated plasma cutting systems. Find out how to purchase a plasma cutter today.

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Tweco® - Arc Welding Accessories and MIG Guns

Tweco is the industry leader in arc welding accessories, which includes Tweco MIG guns a popular choice among professional welders.

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Stoody® - Recognized Inventor and Leading Producer of Hardfacing Alloys

Stoody is the leader in hardfacing technology and high alloy filler metals. We formulate products that maximize uptime, extend life cycle and reduce operating cost.

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Arcair® - Recognized Inventor of Arc Gouging and Exothermic Cutting

Arcair is a world leader in air carbon-arc gouging products.

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TurboTorch® - Leader in Brazing and Soldering

TurboTorch is the leading provider air fuel brazing and soldering products, which includes portable welding torches, oxy-acetylene gauges and more.

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AlcoTec® Wire Corporation® - The Most Trusted Name In Aluminum Welding

AlcoTec is the world’s largest producer and the foremost expert in the production of aluminum welding wire.

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HKS Prozesstechnik - The Leader in Measurement and Monitoring for Welding Technology.

ESAB's investment in HKS reinforces the strategic focus on automated welding & data driven advantage (DDA) and will add a complementary technology and strong global brand to the ESAB portfolio.

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