Aristo 500ix


Aristo 500ix

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Aristo 500ix is a portable heavy industrial pulse power source with robust and reliable mechanical design. Together with Robust Feed U6 or Pulse it is the perfect solution for demanding pulse applications.

Aristo 500ix has thick metal side panels with double bent side panels and large feet providing clearance and making the unit fit for use in tough environments. The large side panels provide easy access for service and maintenance. Ergonomic handles that are safe and marked for crane lifting provide easy logistics. The unit comes with a sturdy cart featuring dedicated crane lifting points, a torch holder and large cable holders.



  • Advanced pulse functionality reduces heat input and minimizes spatter
  • Up to 250 pre-programmed synergic lines (U82 Plus)
  • QSet™ intelligent welding system
  • Crater filling, adjustable burn back time and SCT (short circuit termination) options for defect-free weld terminations
  • Durable and rugged – IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in rough environments
  • Compatible with Robust Feed U6 and Pulse, rugged and portable feeder units with excellent feeding performance
  • MMA and gouging available from feeder


  • Energy
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Offshore Oil
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Railcars
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Steel Industry
  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Windtower
  • Marine and Offshore
  • Steel Erectors


Length 712 mm (28 in.)
Width 325 mm (13 in.)
Height 470 mm (18.5 in.)


Weight 58.5 kg (129 lb)

Welding Output

GMAW 500 A/39.0V @ 60%
400 A/34.0V @ 100%
GTAW 500 A/30.0V @ 60%
400 A/26.0V @ 100%
SMAW 500 A/40.0V @ 60%
400 A/36.0V @ 100%

Input Voltage

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase 3
Voltage 380-575 ±10% V


Standards CSA
Operating Temp -4 to 131 degF (-20 to +40 degC)
Application Classification S

Power Specifications

Efficiency Maximum Current 88 %
Enclosure Class IP23
Open Circuit VAC Low 58 V
Power Factor Maximum Current 0.91
Setting Range MIG/MAG (A) 16 - 500 A
Setting Range MIG/MAG (V) 14.8 - 39 V
Setting Range MMA/DC (A) 16 - 500 A
Setting Range MMA/DC (V) 20.6 - 40 V
Setting Range TIG/DC (A) 10.2 - 30 A
Setting Range TIG/DC (V) 5 - 500 V

Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : Aristo 500ix
Aristo 500ix CSA 0446200881
Aristo 500ix, 380 – 575V w/ Robust Feed Pulse 0558102737
Aristo 500ix, 380 – 575V w/ Robust Feed U6 0558102716
Aristo 500ix, 380 – 575V w/ Robust Feed U6 water 0558102738

Accessories : Aristo 500ix
COOL 2 Cooling Unit 0465427880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
MiniBoom counterbalance device (Requires P/N's 0460565880, 0461310880 and 0460946880 0458705880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Guide Pin Extension Kit ** 0465508880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Liquid Cooling Kit (to upgrade air cooled feeders) 0446123880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Quick Connector Marathon Pac F102440880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote control AT1 CoarseFine 0459491897 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote Cable AN 8-12 Pole 10 m (32.8 ft) AT1/AT1 CF 0459552881 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote Cable AN 8-12 Pole 15 m (49.2 ft) AT1/AT1 CF 0459552882 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote Cable AN 8-12 Pole 25 m (82 ft) AT1/AT1 CF 0459552883 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote Cable AN 8-12 Pole 5 m (16.4 ft) AT1/AT1 CF 0459552880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote control MTA1 CAN 0459491880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote control unit AT1 0459491896 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Remote Outlet Kit for Power Source 0465424880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Robust Feed Wheel Kit 0446081880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Stabiliser kit for Counterbalance Arm 0465509880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Torch Strain Relief 0446082880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Trolley (Robust Feed/Warrior Feed/Aristo Feed) 0349313450 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Trolley Retrofit Kit Robust Feed ✝ 0349313100 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Wheel Kit, power source 0465416880 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR

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