Starting Parameters for FCAW Wires

Determining the best parameters for setting flux-cored wires takes a certain level of experience. However, there are basic settings that can be used as the starting point for most general applications. These basic numbers make it quick and easy to establish application parameters.

First flat and horizontal parameters for all the diameters:

Parameter/Setting Amps/Volts IPM
0.035" 190/25.5 560
0.045" 250/27 375
0.052" 275/28 200
1/16" 290/29 240
5/64" 325/30 160
3/32" 400/30 165

Be aware that these settings are provided as basic guidelines only. Fine-tuning these parameters will depend upon material thickness and travel speeds for the specific application at hand. As travel speeds increase, more wire feed speed is required to maintain the same fillet size.

For all-position wires, these basic numbers are provided for vertical welding. If welding overhead, you can generally increase the wire feed speed.

Parameter/Setting Amps/Volts IPM
0.035" 165/25  375
0.045" 195/25.5 275
0.052" 205/25.5 200
1/16" 210/26  165

Keep in mind that the parameters provided are for gas-shielded flux-cored wires.

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