Sculpting Her Dream

Prize Winner Gets Creative with Caddy® Mig

When Esther Freeman stopped by the ESAB booth at FABTECH, she came with the general interest to learn more about the industry and to drop off the mailer she received to enter to win an ESAB Ready to Weld Package. She left with so much more.

The winner of an ESAB Caddy® Mig C200i Ready to Weld Package, Esther, a fillet welder who works in a shipyard building decks for barges, was inspired by the ESAB staff to marry her background in sculpting with her interest in welding. As a result, Esther plans to use her new Caddy Mig welder to create ornamental fabrications and to build furniture.

Esther attended Maryland Institute College of Art to study sculpture. There, she took a class on metal fabrication and was hooked. So much so, she joined the advanced metal and foundry club. As she puts it: "I love how dynamic metal is.

"Esther learned to weld using ESAB equipment in college and uses ESAB welding consumables on the job, so the ESAB brand is familiar to her.

Of her experience with ESAB at FABTECH, Esther says: "It was great. The ESAB staff was by far the most personable. They learned of my background in sculpture and encouraged me to keep on reaching for more in fabrication. Talking to the people at the ESAB booth was like talking to friends -- awesome friends who knew everything about ESAB! They didn't just spit out stats and technical information."

Esther's excitement over winning the Caddy Mig and exploring her creativity in welding spills over to motivate others. "There are so many possibilities in fabrication," says Esther. "If you have an interest in fabricating, I say, do it. You never know what might 'spark' up in you!"

Esther Freeman