LetzRoll Offroad takes the lead with ESAB

Off-road racing team secures title sponsorship for 2014 season

ESAB is proud to partner with an off-road racing team that’s as rugged and reliable as our equipment. LetzRoll Offroad Racing, from Mesa, AZ, will be flying the ESAB colors throughout the 2014 racing season. ESAB is the exclusive welding sponsor of LetzRoll Offroad, the first major off-road racing team to have cars in all three classes of the Ultra4 and Dirt Riot series races, as well as a racing team in Europe.

LetzRoll Offroad has cars in the unlimited, modified stock, and stock classes of the Ultra4 and Dirt Riot series, including two 2012 Dirt Riot National Championships, a 2013 Dirt Riot National Championship, and back-to-back Southwest Series championships. The distinctive yellow and black ESAB Welding #4493, driven by LetzRoll owner, Andrew McLaughlin, finished in the top 20 of the grueling 2013 King of the Hammers Ultra4 race and was the Dirt Riot Southwest Series points leader for 2013.

LetzRoll Offroad reached the podium 13 out of their 15 Dirt Riot starts in 2013.The company recently expanded its race team to include the United Kingdom.

With automatic qualification into the 2014 King of the Hammers, the LetzRoll Offroad team is focused on defending their Dirt Riot National Championships, competing this year in both King of the Valleys and King of the Hammers, the Baja 500 and a full slate of Ultra4 races.

ESAB equipment helps keep LetzRoll Offroad in the lead.

"It all starts with the welder. Everything we do, on all of our cars, is based off of that foundation," said Andrew McLaughlin. "ESAB really tailors their product to the end user that wants high quality. In our industry, having products you can trust and relationships with people you know is invaluable. 2013 has been a great year, but our partnership with ESAB for 2014 promises to take things to the next level."

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