How LetzRoll Offroad Got Rolling

Andrew McLaughlin established LetzRoll Offroad in 2008 as a part time business, primarily offering Internet sales of quality off-road parts. The company has grown to a full-time fully-equipped off-road shop, specializing in extreme off-road and fabrication.

When Andrew McLaughlin started off-roading with his Jeep at age 16, he had no idea he would go on to become the owner of one of the largest vehicle-customization shops in the Phoenix area.

Andrew became interested in off-road racing as a teenager. Nobody in his family was involved with, or interested in, vehicle fabrication, customization, or off-road racing. Like many teens, Andrew couldn't afford to take his Jeep to a shop to be "tricked out."

So, he joined several local racing clubs and got involved. He was able to meet fellow racers, many of whom mentored him. "I met a lot of great guys and went to the meetings the clubs had. A couple of guys took me under their wings and taught me how to weld," said Andrew McLaughlin.

Andrew went on to serve in the U.S. Army. When he returned to civilian life, he earned his bachelor's degree in management from Arizona State University and went to work in Corporate America.

"That lasted for about seven years," said Andrew. "Then that old off-road racing bug bit me and I started LetzRoll Offroad as a part-time internet business in 2008."

LetzRoll Offroad offered quality off-road parts as an internet-only order business. In 2010, Andrew opened LetzRoll Offroad as a custom fabrication and installation shop. Today, LetzRoll employs four full-time employees and builds off-road vehicles from scratch. McLaughlin estimates that LetzRoll is probably second in the nation for custom vehicle fabrication.

In addition to fabrication, Andrew and his team do a sizeable business in customizing vehicles for off-road racing.

Andrew and the LetzRoll Offroad team aren't just winners in business – they are winning off-road racing competitions, too.

In their first full season of racing, the LetzRoll Offroad team took home two national championship titles, two Southwest series championship wins, and a third-place win in the Dirt Riot National series.

From there, Andrew and his crew have gone on to place 18th out of 127 racers in the 2013 King of the Hammers race – one of the largest desert racing events in the world. With more than 30,000 spectators, and national media coverage, only the top 20 teams are nationally recognized.

"Placing 18th in King of the Hammers is major for us," said Andrew. "We raced hard and it was worth it! But watch out – we're going for first place in 2014."

Following their success at King of the Hammers, the LetzRoll Offroad team took home four prizes in the World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series. Andrew and his team of racers won first place in the unlimited category, first place in professional modification, second place in pro stock, and third place in pro stock.

The team then captured first place in the unlimited category and third place in the pro/stock category at the Utah Dirt Riot event in Moab, UT.

Andrew's association with ESAB Welding & Cutting Products began with meeting his local ESAB territory sales manager at the SEMA show. The ESAB rep took an immediate liking to Andrew and brought over an ESAB welding machine for him to "test drive" in the LetzRoll Offroad shop.

"I've used a lot of equipment," said Andrew. "I talked to some other fabricators – including a neighbor of mine who runs a shop – and they liked the ESAB product, so I gave it a try. A lot of companies are interested in sponsoring our team but ESAB has always treated me right."

LetzRoll uses the ESAB MigMaster 210 welder, the PowerCut 650 plasma cutter, the 2200i tig welder, as well as ESAB filler metals and wires.

"ESAB has truly been a partner in the LetzRoll business," said Andrew. When I was starting out, there were some who thought I was out looking for freebies – when I wasn't! But the folks at ESAB believed in me and my vision. My sales rep would even come out to the shop on Saturdays to help me improve my welding skills. Actually, he's not "my sales rep," – now he's my friend."

Looking forward, Andrew McLaughlin says there's no stopping him and the LetzRoll Offroad team. "We're focused on being the best shop for our customers, and on being the best team we can be out on the racing circuit. We are here to stay!"

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