For Pete’s Sake: Satisfaction Guaranteed

When Pete O'Connor, owner of For Pete's Sake Landscaping, received his new ESAB Caddy® Mig C200i, he immediately unpacked it, anxious to start welding. Unfortunately, a defective motor or circuit board prevented the wire feed from operating properly. Said Pete: "Heartbroken does not describe how sad I felt."

Pete called his local ESAB distributor where he purchased the unit to find out what could be done. After speaking with the ESAB Customer Satisfaction Team, the situation was immediately rectified – and a new Caddy Mig C200i was expedited to Pete. The new welder was delivered to Pete's door in a single day.

"I'm extremely satisfied with everyone at ESAB for their service to a now loyal customer," said Pete.

If you experience a problem with your new ESAB product or find you're not getting the results you expected, contact our Customer Satisfaction Team at 1-800-ESAB123 or email us at We're ready to help you work out whatever solution best meets your needs.

ESAB wants you to be fully satisfied with your ESAB purchase. That's why we offer the ESAB 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – unique purchase protection on ESAB products – equipment or filler metals. The ESAB 100% Satisfaction Guarantee goes beyond our standard warranty and is an ongoing promise that ESAB will do whatever it takes to make sure every customer is totally satisfied with their purchase for 100 days from the date of purchase. Find out more at

Pete O'Connor, owner of For Pete's Sake Landscaping