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New-Tech™ Auto-darkening Reactive Helmets Combine Comfort and Functionality

A product of the latest research of welder needs and comfort, ESAB's new New-Tech™ series of auto-darkening reactive welding helmets are lightweight and well balanced, and offer a wide viewing area, giving the welder a feeling of increased space awareness. The helmet shell is designed to provide maximum protection for the face, neck and ears, while providing a large area in front of the mouth to ensure a good flow of air and low levels of carbon dioxide.

The New-Tech series helmets also offer the latest "Angular Dependence Compensation" (ADC) technology. This technology ensures that a solid shade level covers the full width and height of the LCD screen, even when viewing the lens at an angle. The helmet automatically activates by daylight, so there is no need to switch on or off and no need for battery changes. The unique silver gloss finish helps to reflect heat and reduce temperature build up within the helmet.


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