What Have You Welded Lately?

Ben Taylor works for Orrcon Steel in Australia producing galvanized and hot-roll tube and pipe. Ben is a fan of ESAB-brand welding equipment.

Recently, Ben reworked a metal gate as a home project using his ESAB-brand 140 amp stick welder and 2.5 mm rods.

The original gate was one long piece, measuring 6.2 m, that Ben created using 50x50 and 20x20 galvanized tube. When he realized the original gate no longer suited his needs, Ben decided to make some changes.

He cut the gate down to two 3 m gates, added some wheels and latches and created a dual gate instead, which will soon receive a powder coat to finish the job. The project took him about three days to complete working when he got home from his full time job. Thanks Ben for sharing your welding project!

Thanks Ben for sharing your welding project!


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