New Powder Spray Torch Instructional DVD, How-to Online Videos

Learn the operating instructions for the safe and successful use of Victor® and Stoody® brand Powder Spray Torches in the new instructional DVD, "Powder Spray Torch: Repair & Hardfacing Guidelines."

The DVD is organized into seven sections: Torch Assembly, Protective Apparel, Work Piece Preparation, Powder Selection, Lighting the Torch, Operating Techniques and Extinguishing the Torch/Shutdown. Additional information includes advice on tip selection, gas pressure settings, flame characteristics, surface appearance and equipment storage.

The Powder Spray Torch instructions videos are available online (view English or view Spanish version), or obtain a DVD by contacting your ESAB representative.

Powder Spray Torches are hand-held oxy-acetylene torches with a special attachment to connect a 1-lb. bottle of powder. Spray powder formulations are tailored for different uses. Build-up powders can be machined after application and are used for shaft and part build-up, as well as repair of cast iron parts such as engine blocks. Non-machinable wear prevention powders are designed for metal-to-earth wear in such applications as tillage tools, chisel points, augers, harvester knives and skid loader bucket cutting edges.