Advanced Metal Removal Electrodes

ESAB's Arcair® brand – the name synonymous with the process of carbon arc gouging – offers the industry's most advanced cutting and gouging electrodes.

Arcair air carbon-arc electrodes contain a precise formulated blend of carbon and graphite to deliver the highest metal removal rates in the market – measured in pounds of metal removed per inch of carbon consumed. A high purity of copper coating improves conductivity for more efficient, cooler operation and helps maintain electrode diameter at the point of the arc to produce clean, machine-like grooves or cuts.

Specify Arcair air carbon-arc electrodes for high-quality results when:

  • Creating U-grooves for weld joint
  • Removing old welds
  • Gouging out cracks
  • Cleaning and repairing castings
  • Removing hard surface material
  • Rough machining

Arcair gives you the choice of carbon electrode that best balances cost and performance for your requirement. Choose from two product tiers:

Professional: When the highest possible efficiency is required, our most premium carbon provides the maximum metal removal for the given diameter.

CutSkill®: In less demanding applications, choose CutSkill electrodes. An all-purpose, lower-cost carbon, CutSkill features the same Arcair-quality blend of carbon and graphite with less aggressive metal removal rates that still rival the performance of competitive brands.

To learn more, contact your ESAB sales representative or visit Arcair.