ESAB Welding & Cutting Products to Demonstrate Connected Digital Ecosystems, Automated Welding and Plasma Cutting At IMTS 2018

June 7, 2018

Annapolis Junction, M.D. – To drive continuous improvement in welding and cutting operations, ESAB Welding & Cutting products will demonstrate innovative solutions for online data management, cutting automation and beveling, robotic welding, hard automation and filler metals at IMTS 2018 in booth 236111 in the Fabrication & Lasers Pavilion. IMTS – the International Manufacturing Technology Show runs from Sept. 10 to 15 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  

Digital Solutions

ESAB Digital Solutions, including ESAB WeldCloud and ESAB CutCloud, connect digital ecosystems for welding and mechanized cutting, respectively. At IMTS, ESAB will showcase a new architecture, powered by Microsoft Azure IoT and utilizing the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform from PTC, that allows for on-premise, hybrid and cloud based architectures. ESAB provides digital methods of documentation (required by regulation in some critical applications), better views into productivity and a much richer ability to manage their physical assets. For instance, customers can subscribe to diagnostic analytic messages about the health of their welding power source. ESAB will provide demonstrations of these and other benefits via its automated SAW demonstration at IMTS 2018. 

Robotic Automation

To improve productivity automated welding, ESAB will showcase its AristoMig® U5000iw welding power source with AristoFeed 3004hw wire feeder, ESAB robotic torches, an ESAB robotic tool changer and a JetStream RT particle jet torch cleaning station that cleans consumables with a high velocity blast of granulate. Particle jets clean all torch components (nozzle, tip, gas baffle) and do so without mechanically gripping the torch. The advanced cleaning process extends consumables life, preserves the tool center point (TCP) and maximizes uptime.

The AristoMig power source integrates with the ESAB WeldCloud online data management platform via Wi-Fi, mobile cellular or hard-wired Ethernet communication. For automated GMAW, the AristoMig can provide basic and advanced processes such SuperPulse™ modified spray transfer GMAW and Swift Arc Transfer (SAT™). SAT uses typical wire feed speeds of 16 to 25 m/min and yields welding travel speeds that range from 20 to 100 percent faster than conventional solutions, which can increase deposition rates by up to 44 percent.

Welding Automation

In a live arc demonstration of pressure vessel welding, ESAB will demonstrate its three-wire process, ICE™ (Integrated Cold Electrode) SAW process, which can double productivity over twin or tandem without increasing heat input, on a CaB 600M column-and-boom system. The ICE process uses and follows the same principle as twin-wire SAW but it utilizes the excess heat generated by the welding process to melt an additional non-powered welding electrode - the Integrated Cold Electrode. This demonstration will also feature a WeldCloud connected power source, as well as ESAB fluxes to improve SAW productivity. Fluxes with good slag detachability and smooth sidewall blending, such as ESAB OK 10.72, are especially suited for narrow gap welding, which is commonly found in wind tower fabrication. The narrow running slag allows higher currents in narrow gap joints, which means increased deposition rate and consequently higher productivity.

Cutting Automation

ESAB's DMX Automated Plasma Beveller is a next-generation beveling system that delivers significant performance improvement through a simple, compact design. The DMX Beveller provides high reliability, enhanced safety and ease-of-use. It cuts the full range of weld preparations, including V, Y, X, and K bevels, with cut angles up to 45° on materials up to 50 mm (view DMX video).

The DMX Beveller is complemented by the release of ESAB's new SmartBevel™ Technology, which enables easier programming and accurate bevel cutting with minimal operator intervention. SmartBevel™ includes beveling data and geometric compensations necessary to cut V, X, Y, and K bevels on mild steel from 6- to 50-mm thick. Unlike competitive systems, SmartBevel integrates all bevel compensations into the CNC, so bevel programming is simplified, and any fine tuning of the cut is done quickly and easily at the machine.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is a recognized leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honored processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanized cutting and automation, ESAB's filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe.

Caption: ESAB Welding & Cutting products will demonstrate its innovative ESAB Digital
Solutions platform for on-premise, hybrid and cloud based architectures at IMTS 2018
in booth 236111.