ESAB Rebrands and Expands Line of Portable Stick and TIG Inverters

July 25, 2016

Florence, SC – ESAB now offers a greatly expanded line of single-phase Stick/TIG and AC/DC TIG/Stick inverters. Previously sold under the Thermal Arc brand and Tweco brands, ESAB now offers the ET (ESAB TIG), ES (ESAB Stick) and Fabricatorâ Series of 3-in-1 MIG/Stick/TIG inverters. ESAB has also introduced the ET 141i AC/DC, the first 120V inverter that provides an AC TIG output for welding aluminum and HF (high frequency) non-contact arc starts for AC or DC TIG welding.

"ESAB single-phase inverters combine compact, lightweight portability with excellent arc performance and user-friendly controls," says Tom Wermert, Senior Brand Manager, ESAB. "These new and newly-rebranded inverters, combined with our Rebel products, enable ESAB to offer a broad range of solutions for mechanical contracting, light fabrication, repair and maintenance, farm/ranch, motorsports and home-hobby applications."

ET 141i AC/DC

The ET 141i AC/DC uses 120V primary power to provide an AC/DC TIG output range of 10 to 140 amps (140A/15.6V @ 20% duty cycle) and HF and Lift TIG arc starts. Designed especially for first-time welders who don't want complex controls, the ET 141i AC/DC features preset values for AC output frequency and wave balance that are optimized for light-duty welding (AC frequency controls the shape of the arc cone and arc force, while wave balance controls the amount of cleaning action vs. penetration). HF, or non-contact, arc starts are desirable (and sometimes required) in applications where end-users especially want to prevent accidental contamination from the tungsten electrode. These include welding chrome-moly tubing in motorsports and experimental aircraft applications, as well as welding stainless steel tubing in dairy and food processing facilities.

The ET 141i AC/DC also provides a DC Stick output of up to 90 amps for welding with 1/16- or 3/32-in. diameter electrodes. It weighs 48 lbs. and provides a full output on a 20-amp circuit. The unit comes with a TIG torch, gas flow meter and hose, Stick electrode holder and ground clamp. A remote foot control is available separately.

Professional Grade Solutions

For welding thicker materials and full control over TIG and Stick welding performance, ESAB offers the ET 186i AC/DC TIG/Stick and the ET 201i DC TIG/Stick welding systems.

The ET 186i AC/DC uses 208/230V primary current, provides AC/DC TIG output up to 200 amps and HF or Lift TIG arc starts. The system features adjustable AC output frequency (15 to 150 Hz), wave balance control (up to 90 percent EN) and a pulsed TIG output range of 0.5 to 200 Hz (pulsing the welding current from high to low reduces heat input and helps control distortion and burn-through on thin material). The ET 186 AC/DC provides a DC Stick output up to 170 amps, produces excellent results with all types of Stick electrodes and features adjustable Arc Force and Hot Start functions. It weighs 48 lbs.

For location flexibility, the ET 201i DC uses 120V or 208/230V primary current, delivers DC TIG and Stick outputs up to 200 amps and provides HF (high frequency) and Lift TIG arc starts. Controls include adjustable values for downslope, Arc Force and gas pre- and post-flow. It weighs 21.6 lbs., providing the combination of portability and power desired by mechanical contractors and maintenance professionals.

For value and portability, the ES 95i DC Stick and ES 95i Stick/TIG welding systems weigh 9.7 lbs. and offer up to 90 amps of output for light repair and maintenance and hobbyist applications.

ESAB Fabricator® Series

ESAB complements it Rebel Series of premium multiprocess welders with its Fabricator Series, the original 3-in-1 portable, integrated MIG, Stick and TIG welding system. The Fabricator 141i improves results in DIY and home hobby use, as well as other light-duty welding projects in motorsports, auto repair, farm/ranch, metal art and maintenance applications. It offers 10 to 140 amps of power for MIG and Lift TIG welding and 90 amps for Stick welding.

Weighing 66 lbs. and with an output range of 5- to 300-amps (250 amps at 40% duty cycle), the ESAB Fabricator 252i is a multi-process, fully integrated, portable welder. The Fabricator 252i is designed for light industrial fabrication, mechanical contractors, farm/ranch, motorsports, maintenance/repair, light construction and continuing technical educational and training facilities.

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ESAB Inverters
ESAB's single-phase inverter product line includes the new ESAB ET 141i AC/DC,
the first 120V inverter that provides an AC TIG output for welding aluminum up to 1/8-in. thick.