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ESAB Launches New and Enhanced Aristo® Family For Medium- And Heavy-Duty Industrial Welding

November 6, 2017

Florence, SC - By combining new and enhanced components, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched an expanded series of Aristo® industrial welding systems that provides greater productivity, better quality and lower cost of operation for welding aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. New products include the Aristo Feed 4004HD heavy-duty feeder with U82 Plus or U6 panel and the highly intuitive MA25 Pulse Panel for advanced and conventional welding processes.

Enhanced products include the Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse power source, a 400-amp CC/CV power source that now features quicker responding hardware for better arc performance, a new start parameter for more positive arc starts, Short Circuit Termination (SCT) for better weld termination/arc starts and more rugged components for longer life. ESAB also enhanced Aristoâ Feed 3004 wire feeder with a more robust wire feed motor, new drive roll stand with excellent feed roll alignment and polished U-groove feed rolls for aluminum wire.

"In conjunction with the existing 500-amp CC/CV Aristo Mig 5000i power source and the new and enhanced Aristo products, ESAB now offers 21 ready-to-weld packages to meet the needs of medium- and heavy-duty industrial welding operations," says Doug Smith, Product Business Manager – Light/Industrial Arc Equipment, ESAB. "From simple to highly advanced pulsed, ESAB offers customers the system that best fits their technology needs and budget parameters."

Smith notes that with the need for continuous cost reduction and quality improvements, more companies than not benefit from wire feeders, control panels and power sources that offer advanced functions.

Heavy-Duty Feeder

The Aristo 4004 HD features the same proven mechanical design and heavy-duty components found in the WarriorFeed 404 HD, launched two years ago. The Aristo Feed 4004 HD is designed to feed .030- to 3/32-in. wire at speeds of 50 to 800 ipm in applications such as high-volume fabrication, structural steel fabrication, heavy fabrication (transportation, off-highway, railcar), shipbuilding and others. The Aristo Feed 4004 HD is available with ESAB's U6 control panel, which offers 60 pre-programmed synergic lines, or the highly advanced U82 Plus control panel, which offers 250 pre-programmed synergic lines and ESAB's patented SuperPulse™ processes (see video on SuperPulse).

The Aristo Feed 4004 HD can reduce cost of operation by up to 50 percent or more compared to other leading brands of feeders because of its drive roll design, which combines two lower gear-driven rollers with two upper idler/smooth pressure rollers. This design produces considerably less scrubbing of the wire, reducing debris generation by 8-12 times than that typically created from a 4-roll drive system. Reduced debris extends liner life by 30 to 60 percent. In addition, an upper idler system doesn't mar the wire like a 4-roll drive system, resulting in 4X to 6X longer contact tip life with cored wires. Lastly, users only need to buy two drive rolls instead of four, an instant 50 percent reduction in drive roll cost (average feed roll life is four to eight weeks, depending on the application, and drive rolls cost range from $41.20 to $46.35 for a set of two).

Standard Features include gas purge, inch wire, trigger lock (2T/4T control), burnback, slow run-in, the ability to preset wire feed speed and voltage and a digital display that shows volt, amps and wire feed speed. Standard processes are synergic GMAW, synergic GMAW-Pulse, Stick, DC lift TIG and air carbon-arc gouging (limited by the size of the power supply).

The feeder also incorporates Short Circuit Termination (SCT) technology, which sharpens the end of the solid MIG wire at the termination of a weld. By eliminating the ball that typically forms on the end of the wire, the feeder optimizes the wire condition to promote a positive arc start. SCT technology also eliminates the need for the operator to clip the wire. In an operation with numerous weld stops and starts, the time savings will quickly add up. To improve arc starts when using Flux-Cored or Metal-Cored wires, use the burnback setting.

Pulse MIG Simplified

ESAB's customers requested the traditional benefits of pulsed MIG welding (see below) in a more operator-friendly package, and the new MA25 Pulse panel is at the heart of the solution. The MA25 control panel uses icons, push buttons and digital displays to simplify use and eliminate language barriers. The different welding programs are easy to find, set and fine-tune, which contributes to improved productivity. To begin pulsed welding, operators select the synergic line for the type of filler wire and gas being used, and the system then provides optimum dynamic arc control. No additional process knowledge is required. The system can automatically adjust for variations in arc length (voltage) and wire feed speed, helping to maintain consistent penetration and weld bead appearance.

"Whether you're looking for the next level of quality improvements or need to help less experienced welders produce better results, the MA25 Panel provides an easy-to-use solution," says Smith. ESAB offers the MA25 Aluminum Panel, which features 30 synergic lines for aluminum, and the MA25 Steel/Stainless Panel, which features 54 synergic lines for solid and cored wires. The MA25 Pulse panel connects directly to the Aristo Feed 3004 wire feeder.

Pulsed GMAW welding provides numerous benefits, depending on the application. It may enable users to:

  • Standardize on a single, larger diameter aluminum wire for welding a broad range of metal thicknesses.
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate weld spatter and associated post-weld clean-up.
  • Control bead appearance, an important factor when customers value good-looking weld beads.
  • Weld thinner materials without burn-through or warping, increasing first-pass yield and reducing scrap rates.
  • Better manage heat input to preserve mechanical properties while also increasing travel speed, especially on stainless steel.
  • Enable all-position welding while maintaining reasonably high deposition rates and travel speeds.

In addition to pulsed MIG, all advanced ESAB panels feature QSet™, which automatically optimizes the short circuit MIG arc for the gas/wire combination installed and then adapts welding parameters to match an operator's individual welding style.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is a recognized leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honored processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanized cutting and automation, ESAB's filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe. For more information, visit or call 1-800-ESAB123.
AristoFeed 4004 HD
ESAB's expanded Aristo family includes the new Aristo Feed
4004 HD, a heavy-duty feeder that can reduce welding costs
while offering advanced controls and processes, such as SuperPulse.

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