ESAB Launches Heavy Industrial Welding Systems Designed For Extreme Durability And Performance

November 11, 2020

Annapolis Junction, Md. – ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched its complete line of heavy industrial systems featuring the new Warrior® 750i CC/CV power source, the new Aristo® 500ix pulsing power source and new Robust Feed Pulse and Robust Feed U6 wire feeders. These four products join the Robust Feed Pro wire feeder (launched in 2019) and the existing Warrior 400i and 500i power sources.

“The Robust Feed series redefines the concept of a fully enclosed wire feeder by combining an IP44 protection class rating — an industry first — with feeding performance that exceeds that of most benchtop wire feeders,” Arne Lagerkvist, Global Product Manager, Heavy Industry Welding Equipment, ESAB. “Paired with a Warrior or Aristo power source, the Robust Feed provides those working in harsh and high duty cycle environments an unmatched combination of portability, durability, reliability, process flexibility and performance.”

Power for Productivity

With a 750-amp output at 100 percent duty cycle and an 820-amp output at 60 percent duty cycle, Warrior 750i offers up to 100 amps more power than competitive systems. The extra output enables greater productivity with the larger diameter electrodes used in such applications as flux cored welding, hardfacing, cladding, mechanized applications and carbon arc gouging. ARCAIR®, an ESAB brand, invented the carbon arc gouging process, which is widely used to back-gouge welds as part of making a full-penetration weld, remove weld defects and remove worn or torn metal in shipyard, offshore fabrication, civil construction, mining, equipment maintenance, structural steel and other heavy fabrication activities.

The Warrior 750i also offers Stick and TIG welding output, uses 380V – 575V 3ph primary power and weighs 231.5 lbs. It features an IP23-rated weatherproof case and crane-rated lifting points. Sun-friendly display and intuitive controls enable easy process selection. The Warrior 750i lets users tailor Stick welding arc performance for basic (low-hydrogen), rutile or cellulosic electrodes; adjust Stick arc force to hold a shorter arc length without the electrode sticking, which is beneficial when welding in narrow gaps and out-of-position; and adjust control inductance when short circuit MIG welding to reduce spatter and improve bead wet-out. For MIG and flux cored welding, connect the Warrior 750i to the Robust Feed Pro wire feeder.

Built to Last

The Aristo 500ix provides outputs for MIG, pulsed MIG, flux cored, Stick and TIG welding with a maximum output of 500A/39V at 60 percent duty cycle and a 100 percent duty cycle rating at 400A/39V. It weighs 129 lbs. and uses 380V – 575V 3ph primary power. Housed in a weather-protected IP23-rated case, the Aristo 500ix has an “air tunnel” cooling design that isolates electronics from dust, oil, metal shavings and other airborne contaminants. Thick metal side panels provide impact protection, yet the design enables easy access for service and maintenance. Its ergonomic handles are crane rated. The optional cart also features dedicated crane lifting points, as well as a torch holder and large cable holders for better organization.

Enhanced MIG Performance

For wire welding processes, pair the Aristo 500ix with the Robust Feed Pulse or Robust Feed U6. These feeders use icons, push buttons and digital displays to simplify use and eliminate language barriers. To begin welding or pulsed welding, operators simply select a synergic (pre-programmed) line. The system then provides optimum dynamic arc control to maintain consistent penetration and weld bead appearance, automatically adjusting for variations in arc length and wire feed speed.

Robust Feed Pulse offers 93 synergic lines and Robust Feed U6 offers 92 synergic lines; the combinations address a wide variety of steel, aluminium, stainless steel and high alloy solid and cored wires. Robust Feed Pulse control functions are easy to find, set and fine-tune, while the Robust Feed U6 offers the ultimate combination of durability and advanced functionality, including parameter limits and parameter lock for better repeatability. Both panels feature QSet™, which automatically optimizes the short circuit arc for the gas/wire combination installed and then adapts welding parameters to match an operator’s individual welding style. In addition, both feeders offer a 50 mm dinse terminal on the back for connecting a Stick electrode holder, while the Robust Feed U6 also enables gouging from the wire feeder.

“Many fabricators want the benefits of pulsed MIG welding, advanced wire control and premium multi-process performance, but they hesitate because of harsh welding conditions,” says Coubrough. “The Aristo 500ix and Robust Feed Pulse and U6 puts those fears to rest. They are fiercely tested and ready for any job site where fabricators want to reach the next level of productivity improvements or help less experienced welders produce better results.”

Superior Performance

Robust Feed Pulse and U6 accept wire spools up to 12 in., measure 23.4 x 9.8 x 16.9 in. and weigh 37 lbs. The precisely crafted 4-roll drive stand accommodates 38 mm drive rolls and feeds wire at speeds of 30 to 985 inches per minute. The design improves accuracy at lower speeds, has the power to feed larger diameter cored wires and the high speeds necessary for smaller diameter hard wires. These feeders offer all the benefits of a premium workshop wire feeder for controlling MIG functions, including synergic pulse, amperage target setting, 2T/4T trigger control, creep start, hot start, crater filling, adjustable burn-back time, gas pre- and post-flow time, gas purge/wire inching and more.

Robust Feed also offers best-in-class ergonomics, crane-rated lifting options and optional wheel kit that affixes to either the bottom or side of the unit to provide a very stable wheeled solution. The digital display can be rotated 90 degrees for a vertical or horizontal orientation so operators can read parameters without straining.

“Putting the wheel kit on the side of the feeder creates a low, flat profile that’s more stable,” says Coubrough. “In applications such as trailer manufacturing, the operator can easily move the feeder under low objects. In any setting, its low center of gravity enables pulling the feeder past obstacles and across uneven floors without risk of it tipping over.”

At ESAB, we exist to shape the future of welding and cutting. We connect fabricators with the widest range of products under our industry-leading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to solve virtually any industry challenge — then we back it up with our knowledge, experience and passion to help them be more productive than ever before. To learn more, call 1-800-ESAB-123.

ESAB offers a complete line of multi-process heavy industrial welding systems.

ESAB offers a complete line of multi-process heavy industrial welding systems that offer an unmatched combination of reliability, durability, performance and process flexibility. The family features the new Warrior 750i and Aristo 500ix power sources and new Robust Feed Pulse and U6 feeders.