Arcair Improves SLICE Exothermic Cutting System With New Grip Design, Longer-Lasting Striker and Better Ignition Source

July 13, 2018

Denton, Texas – Arcair®, an ESAB brand, has completed a major upgrade to its SLICE® exothermic cutting system. Improvements include a more ergonomic torch grip and oxygen flow lever, as well as a better connection between the grip and the rubber shield that protects the operator's hand from molten spray when piercing. To extend striker life, the new striker assembly incorporates a slide mechanism that enables the operator to expose the copper ignition bar in small increments, shielding the fresh portion. Arcair improved the battery ignition source for faster recharging of a dead battery and incorporated an over-charging safeguard and a better visual indication of battery condition. Lastly, the SLICE Battery Pack and SLICE Utility Pack options now come in a heavy-duty black plastic case with molded-in storage compartments and instructions inside the lid.

"Since its introduction in 1985, the SLICE name has become synonymous with portable exothermic cutting," says Jeff Henderson, Global Business Manager for Torches and Exothermic Cutting Systems, ESAB. "The new SLICE system contains enhancements requested by customers while maintaining familiar components and operating techniques."

Exothermic cutting uses a stream of pure oxygen and a consumable steel rod to create an 8,000 to 10,000 oF flame that cuts, burns or pierces virtually any metallic, non-metallic or composite material, including steel, aluminum, concrete and firebrick. Once ignited by a spark from the striker, the patented SLICE cutting rod sustains the burn without constant electrical power.

"The portability and cut-anything capabilities of SLICE systems makes them preferred tools for fire and rescue operations, heavy equipment repair and maintenance, steel erection and bridge construction," says Henderson. Arcair offers four SLICE Pack options:

  • The SLICE Utility Pack, which includes everything required for cutting except the 12-volt battery and oxygen cylinder.
  • The SLICE Battery Pack, which includes the improved 12-volt ignition source but no cylinder.
  • SLICE Complete Pack, which includes the new ignition source and 55 cu. Ft. oxygen cylinder in a metal carrying case, making it well suited for forcible entry situations where seconds count.
  • SLICE Industrial Pack, which accommodates a large oxygen cylinder to extend cutting time, a 12-volt AC battery charger and new ignition source.
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Arcair SLICE Battery Pack

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The improved Arcair SLICE Battery Pack features better
ergonomics, a new striker design, improved battery ignition
source and a heavy-duty black plastic case.