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Micro Nozzle Series

Precision Thin Plate Plasma Cutting Performance with the PT-36 Precision Plasmarc ® Torch

ESAB's Micro Nozzle Series of Precision Plasmarc™ cutting nozzles for the PT-36 torch features an innovative nozzle design that constricts the plasma arc to produce narrow kerf width and high arc density, resulting in a thin plate cut quality approaching that of lasers. Micro Nozzle technology provides the flexibility to produce high precision plasma cut parts at a lower cost than laser.

Widest Range of Cutting Capabilities

ESAB developed Micro Nozzle technology to complement the m3 Plasma® system, a powerful plasma cutting and marking system with the widest range of cutting capabilities in the industry. The m3 Plasma system features one torch with a choice of four power supplies to meet a variety of cutting needs. The capacity of the power supplies allows the PT-36 torch to cover the entire range of plasma cutting, from gauge material to thick plate.

Optimized Performance

ESAB's Micro Nozzles feature an optimized geometry for thin plate, low amperage precision cutting. The nozzle and shield work in combination to provide high cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The m3 Plasma flow control takes care of automatically mixing shield gases, so setup is automatic.

Micro Nozzle Plasma Thickness


The Micro Nozzle series feature an optimized geometry for thin plate, low amperage, precision cutting. The new nozzle and shield combination works together to provide the best cut quality on mild steel from 0.040" up to 0.250", Stainless Steel from 0.080" to 0.250", and Aluminum from 0.060" up to 0.313". Mild steel cutting uses Oxygen cut gas with an Oxygen/Nitrogen mixed shield. Stainless is cut with F5 cut gas and Nitrogen shield. Aluminum cutting uses Nitrogen cut gas with a Nitrogen/Methane mixed shield. The m3 plasma™ flow control takes care of automatically mixing shield gases, so setup is a breeze.

Download the Micro Nozzle Brochure.


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