Each Heliarc machine comes with leading-edge features built to give TIG welders the edge they need to work efficiently and make the most of their skills.

Immediate control of heat input

Controlling the heat in your arc is easy with either the optional FC-5C foot control or TIG torch-mounted remote current control. Additionally, these machines feature a manual pulsing heat control function to optimize operator control during welding. Simply pressing the torch switch quickly reduces the current to a pre-set base and pressing it again returns it to the set current.



Pulsing allows for lower heat dissipation, better control of the weld pool, less plate deformation, and more even welds. Both AC and DC pulsing is used to regulate heat input and control the pool, making it perfect for welding thin materials. DC pulsing, with square wave, cuts current peaks and provides symmetric power, a stable arc, and perfect interfusion between base and filler material. The duty setting allows for an easy adjustment between pulse and background time.

AC Balance

Controlling arc cleaning and penetration is easy with the AC balance setting, as is regulating the heat on the electrode.

AC FrequencyAC Frequency

Allows control of arc width and penetration, making both wider arcs with less penetration or narrow arcs with deep penetration and faster speeds achievable.


High-Frequency Start

Count on high-quality, accurate, and exact starts. In AC, the arc is designed so that the high frequency is only needed upon start, reducing electrical noise and risk of interference with surrounding electronics. When welding in areas where electronic disturbance is an issue, the high frequency can be switched off entirely and an electronic Live TIG start can be used.

Inverter Technology

State-of-the-art inverter technology means you benefit from energy savings and superior functionality right from the start, all in a package that is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than old technology SCR machines.

60 Program Storage

Increase your productivity by easily storing up to 60 parameter sets for quick changes while working.

Energy Efficiency

Lower power requirements mean you save money and get a faster return on your investment. Enjoy the convenience of lower current draw, a smaller and more manageable power cord, and the ability to use a more compact generator when working in the field. 

Compliance with the Highest Standards

Heliarc 281i and 353i have been designed to meet the highest international standards (c CSA us, CAN/CSA-E60974-1-00 (R2010)).

Heliarc 3-Year Warranty 100% Satisfaction Guarantee US