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How Does Waterjet Abrasive Feed Control Work?

Consistent flow of abrasive is a requirement for high quality waterjet cutting. The Feedline V is an electronically controlled, motor driven system that automates the delivery of abrasive to the cutting head, ensuring consistent flow at the optimum flow rate.

Benefits of Electronic Feed Control

  • Automates the waterjet cutting process, ensuring constant flow of abrasive.
  • Reduces abrasive consumption by ensuring consistent, accurate flow at the optimum flow rate.
  • Abrasive flow rate is set at the Vision CNC, just like all other parameters. There are no external boxes, panels, or switches that the operator has to adjust.
  • The correct abrasive flow is automatically set by the built-in process database, so the operator doesn’t have to remember any settings.
  • Changing abrasive flow is automated, so the operator never forgets to adjust the abrasive when changing materials.

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