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How Does Automatic Height Control Work for Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet Height Control

Automatic height control is absolutely necessary for fully automatic waterjet cutting. ESAB’s waterjet height control system uses a tactile sensor to touch the plate surface maintain the optimum cutting height between the focusing tube and the material being cut. Benefits of Automatic Height Control

  • Automates the waterjet cutting process, allowing unattended cutting of any size parts.
  • Tactile Sensor is extremely accurate because it references the height directly from the material surface.
  • Waterjet cutting height is set at the Vision CNC, just like all other parameters. There are no external boxes, panels, or switches that the operator has to adjust.
  • The correct cutting height is automatically set by the built-in process database, so the operator doesn’t have to remember any settings.

Waterjet Height Control Operation

The system offers two operator selectable operating modes:

  1. Sample Once - establish initial height and then retract during the cut. This is great for waterjet cutting very small parts, or when the material is held perfectly level in a fixture, like stone cutting.
  2. Continuous Sample - establish initial height, then re-sample the plate surface at adjustable intervals during the cut. This is used for most waterjet cutting of large parts from metal plate. The frequency of sample is easily adjusted depending on cutting speed.

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