What is the maximum voltage available when welding with the spool gun?

When welding with a Constant Voltage process (MIG/Flux-Cored), Rebel provides a maximum output of 25 Volts using either the standard MIG gun or the optional spool gun.

What is the recommended generator size?

To obtain full output, we recommend 3.7 kVA (120V plug) or 7.5 kVA (230V plug).

What is the cost for a foot pedal?

The MSRP for a foot pedal is $250. The part number is W4014450.

How much is the spool gun?

The MSRP for the Tweco Rebel Spool gun is $350. The part number is 1027-1397.

Can Rebel TIG weld aluminum?

Rebel is a DC machine, in order to MIG weld aluminum we suggest adding the Rebel spool gun. The MSRP for Tweco Rebel spool gun is $350.00
(PN: 1027-1397).

Does adding the foot pedal provide AC capabilities?

No. The foot pedal enables the operator to remotely adjust current settings, in this case for DC TIG welding.

Does Rebel use Lift Arc for TIG?

Yes, Rebel uses TIG lift arc starts without the use of high frequency. This is ideal for the shop or site application where sensitive electronic devices operate.

What is the list price for Rebel?

The MSRP on the multi-process Rebel EMP 215ic is $1,899 (USD). That comes ready-to-weld with professional-grade Tweco Fusion MIG gun, electrode holder, earth clamp, TIG torch with accessories and Victor gas regulator.

We also offer two other versions of Rebel. The EMS 215ic provides MIG and Stick outputs (no TIG) and has an MSRP of $1,799. The EM 215ic is a MIG-only unit with an MSRP of $1,699.

Where can I buy Rebel?

We're connecting those interested in getting a Rebel with distributors that carry the machine at our website, Just click on "Where to Buy" to see a list of distributors carrying Rebel near you.

Where can I get all the specs on Rebel?

Click here for all Rebel specs.

Where is Rebel made?

The Rebel is designed and engineered in the USA and assembled in China.