One push on the QSet button, and a few seconds of test welding, is all it takes to find optimal Short Arc parameter settings - automatically! Benefits include increased productivity and improved weld quality.

With QSet, by pushing one single button, the machine automatically selects the optimal short circuit frequency for the gas/wire combination installed, - maintained when the welder adapts the wire feed speed to the level required for the application. It just needs a few seconds of test welding. The same procedure is repeated when changing wire type or diameter and/or shielding gas and the machine will, again, find the optimal arc setting.

It couldn't be easier! Welders will save valuable time in arc setting and can concentrate their energy and skills on producing the perfect weld. Time will also be saved on weld cleaning - the ideal arc setting will reduce spatter to an absolute minimum.

QSet is available for robotic applications, installed on Origo Mig 4002c, 6502c, and Aristo Mig U5000i power sources with Aristo Feed U6 or U82 panel wire feeders.

QSet artificial intelligence in welding can be used with our complete bus-controlled inverter and chopper power source range.