© COPYRIGHT 1998 THE ESAB GROUP, INC. LESSON II Gas tungsten arc welding lends itself to both manual and automatic operation.  In manual operation, the welder holds the torch in one hand and directs the arc into the weld joint. The filler metal is fed manually into the leading edge of the puddle.  In automatic applications, the torch may be automatically moved over a stationary work piece or the torch may be stationary with the work moved or rotated in relation to the torch.  Filler metal, if required, is also fed automatically. 2.3.1 EQUIPMENT AND OPERATION - Gas tungsten arc welding may be accomplished with relatively simple equipment, or it may require some highly sophisticated components. Choice of equipment depends upon the type of metal being joined, the position of the weld being made, and the quality of the weld metal necessary for the application.  The basic equip- ment consists of the following: 1. The power source 2. Electrode holder (torch) 3. Shielding gas 4. Tungsten electrode 5. Water supply when necessary 6. Ground cable 7. Protective equipment Figure 6 shows a basic gas tungsten arc welding schematic. FIGURE 6 REGULATOR FLOW METER GAS HOSE (WATER COOLED ONLY) TORCH * COMPOSITE CABLE WATER COOLER GAS COOLED ONLY WELDING CABLE SHIELDING GAS SUPPLY POWER SOURCE WATER FROM TORCH WATER TO TORCH GROUND CABLE WORK * COMPOSITE CABLE GAS COOLED TORCH. CURRENT IN & GAS IN. WATER COOLED TORCH. CURRENT IN & WATER OUT GAS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING CONNECTION SCHEMATIC
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Lesson 1
The Basics of Arc Welding
Lesson 2
Common Electric
Arc Welding Processes
Lesson 3
Covered Electrodes for Welding
Mild Steels
Lesson 4
Covered Electrodes for Welding Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 5
Welding Filler Metals for Stainless Steels
Lesson 6
Carbon & Low Alloy
Steel Filler Metals -
Lesson 7
Flux Cored Arc Electrodes Carbon Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 8
Hardsurfacing Electrodes
Lesson 9
Estimating & Comparing Weld Metal Costs
Lesson 10
Reliability of Welding Filler Metals