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Lesson 1
The Basics of Arc Welding
Lesson 2
Common Electric
Arc Welding Processes
Lesson 3
Covered Electrodes for Welding
Mild Steels
Lesson 4
Covered Electrodes for Welding Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 5
Welding Filler Metals for Stainless Steels
Lesson 6
Carbon & Low Alloy
Steel Filler Metals -
Lesson 7
Flux Cored Arc Electrodes Carbon Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 8
Hardsurfacing Electrodes
Lesson 9
Estimating & Comparing Weld Metal Costs
Lesson 10
Reliability of Welding Filler Metals
© COPYRIGHT 1998 THE ESAB GROUP, INC. LESSON II The curved neck or "goose neck" type is probably the most commonly used.  It allows the best access to a variety of weld joints.  The wire is pushed to this type of gun by the feed rolls in the wire feeder through a feed cable or conduit that usually is 10 or 12 feet in length.  The shielding gas hose, welding current cable, and trigger switch leads are supplied with the welding gun. The pistol type gun is similar to the curved neck type, but is less adaptable for difficult to reach joints.  The pistol type is also a "push" type gun and is more suitable for gas metal arc spot welding applications. The self contained type has an electric motor in the handle and feed rolls that pull the wire from a 1 or 2 pound spool mounted on the gun.  The need for a long wire feed cable is eliminated, and wire feed speed may be controlled by the gun.  Guns of this type are often used for aluminum wire up to .045" diameter, although they may also be used for feeding steel or other hard wires. The pull type gun has either an electric motor or an air motor mounted in the handle that is coupled to a feeding mechanism in the gun.  The spool of wire is located in the control cabinet that may be located as far as fifty feet from the gun.  When feeding such long distances, a set of "push" rolls located in the control cabinet assist in feeding the wire.  This then becomes known as a push-pull feed system and is especially useful in feeding the softer wires such as aluminum. 2.4.7 SHIELDING GASES - In gas metal arc welding, there are a variety of shielding gases that can be used, either alone or in combinations of varying degrees.  The choice is dependent on the type of metal transfer employed, the type and thickness of metal, the bead CURVED NECK PISTOL TYPE SELF CONTAINED PULL TYPE SEMI-AUTOMATIC GMAW GUN TYPES FIGURE 15