© COPYRIGHT 2000 THE ESAB GROUP, INC. LESSON  X 10.9.3 Coating Moisture Test - The coating moisture test is conducted by removing a small amount of the coating from the middle portions of three electrodes, all from the same can or package.  A small measured amount (4 grams) of this coating sample is tested in sophisticated laboratory apparatus.  The method of moisture testing satisfies AWS A5.5-96 and AWS D1.1 Specifications and is sensitive only to water.  It is the most accurate and reliable method of moisture determination currently in use. 10.9.4 Guided Bend Tests - Transverse Face Bend, Root Bend and Side Bend Tests.  The specifications for some filler metals require that guided bend tests be made to evaluate the ductility and soundness of a welded joint.  The test plate is welded in the flat position and is made long enough to produce the necessary number of specimens.  See Figure 5. The specimens are cut from the test plate, and the backing strip and weld reinforcement machined flush with the face and root surfaces.  If the test plate is greater than 3/8" thick, it must be machined to 3/8" thickness, removing the metal from the root surface for face bends, and from the face surface for root bends.  In face bends, the face of the weld is on the outside or convex surface of the specimen, and in root bends, the root of the weld is on the outside or convex surface of the bend.  The specimen is bent in a guided bend test jig, the design of which is described in the specification, over a justified radius (usually a 3/4" radius) through an angle of 180°.  When removed from the jig, the TRANSVERSE GUIDED BEND TESTS FIGURE 5 FACE OR ROOT BEND TEST SIDE BEND TEST PLATE FACE BEND ROOT BEND SIDE BEND

Lesson 1
The Basics of Arc Welding
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Common Electric
Arc Welding Processes
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Covered Electrodes for Welding
Mild Steels
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Covered Electrodes for Welding Low Alloy Steels
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Welding Filler Metals for Stainless Steels
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Carbon & Low Alloy
Steel Filler Metals -
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Flux Cored Arc Electrodes Carbon Low Alloy Steels
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Hardsurfacing Electrodes
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Estimating & Comparing Weld Metal Costs
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Reliability of Welding Filler Metals


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