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Making Sparks Together February 2014
Feature Story

LetzRoll Offroad Takes the Lead with ESAB

Off-road racing team secures title sponsorship for 2014 season

LetzRoll National Championship Race 9-28-13

ESAB is proud to partner with an off-road racing team that’s as rugged and reliable as our equipment. LetzRoll Offroad Racing, from Mesa, AZ, will be flying the ESAB colors throughout the 2014 racing season. ESAB is the exclusive welding sponsor of LetzRoll Offroad, the first major off-road racing team to have cars in all three classes of the Ultra4 and Dirt Riot series races, as well as a racing team in Europe.

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Product Spotlight

New Warrior Tech Auto-darkening Helmet

New Warrior Tech Auto darkening Helmet

The newest addition to ESAB’s growing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) line is the Warrior™ Tech 9-13 auto-darkening helmet. Designed to meet the needs of welders, the helmet features a high-tech, lightweight shell for protection from heat, sparks, and spatter. Large welding lens provides optimal viewing area with excellent quality using the latest auto-darkening filter (ADF) technology.

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New TXH GTAW Torches: Developed with the Welder in Mind

New TXH GTAW Torches

Introducing the new TXH™ GTAW (TIG) torches from ESAB. TXH torches are highly ergonomic, convenient to operate, and produce high quality results in all common GTAW applications. A range of air-cooled and water-cooled TXH torch packages are available, including remote versions.

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ESAB Extra

Showcasing the Capabilities of CNC Fabrication

For a residential project in South Carolina, fabricator Joe Blackmon relied on advanced technology to create a “scalloped” edge detail.


In creating a one-of-a-kind edge detail for a kitchen project in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach Granite and Marble, dba Grassie Granite and Marble relied on its experience with natural stone as well as automated technology. The resulting project — with a “scalloped” edge treatment — serves as an example of what can be achieved with CNC fabrication.

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Sculpting Her Dream

Prize Winner Gets Creative with Caddy® Mig

Esther Freeman

When Esther Freeman stopped by the ESAB booth at FABTECH, she came with the general interest to learn more about the industry and to drop off the mailer she received to enter to win an ESAB Ready to Weld Package. She left with so much more.

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What Have You Welded Lately?

“Stealth Tryke” Sports Indy Car Quality

ESAB Heliarc® used to fabricate high-quality prototype trike

Stealth Tryke

Joe Totenbier has been fascinated with racing since he was a young boy. The mechanic/fabricator from Allentown, PA channeled that interest into a career working for Indy Car teams such as Porsche Motor Sports, Walker Racing, Granatelli Racing, Patrick Racing and Penske Racing. In fact, Joe was part of the winning pit crew of the Indy 500 in 1993, featuring driver, Emerson Fittipaldi.

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Where In The World
Where in the World image

The tallest building and the tallest structure in the world, surpassing Toronto’s CN Tower, this amazing construction located in Southwest Asia and unveiled in 2010, stands at 2,716.5 feet tall with more than 160 stories, and took more than 30 contracting companies from nations around the world to build. ESAB played a role in the fabrication of this iconic structure with ESAB production facilities in Sweden, Brazil, Czech Republic and Poland supplying welding equipment and consumables, including, hand welding power sources, manual TIG welding machines, Pipeweld E6010’s, OK48.00, Stainless TIG wires ER316’s and ER308’s, and Stainless Stick Electrodes.

If you are one of the first five people to identify this structure, you will win a Bag of Swag.

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How LetzRoll Offroad Got Rolling

How LetzRoll Offroad Got Rolling

Andrew McLaughlin established LetzRoll Offroad in 2008 as a part time business, primarily offering Internet sales of quality off-road parts. The company has grown to a full-time fully-equipped off-road shop, specializing in extreme off-road and fabrication.

When Andrew McLaughlin started off-roading with his Jeep at age 16, he had no idea he would go on to become the owner of one of the largest vehicle-customization shops in the Phoenix area.

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Throwing Down the Hammer

Throwing Down the Hammer

This year’s King of the Hammers – dubbed as the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet – takes place February 7, 2014. The race has evolved from 12 teams racing for little more than bragging rights to more than 300 teams competing before more than 35,000 fans in person and nearly 500,000 watching online.

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For Pete’s Sake: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pete O’Connor

When Pete O’Connor, owner of For Pete’s Sake Landscaping, received his new ESAB Caddy® Mig C200i, he immediately unpacked it, anxious to start welding. Unfortunately, a defective motor or circuit board prevented the wire feed from operating properly. Said Pete: “Heartbroken does not describe how sad I felt.”

Pete called his local ESAB distributor where he purchased the unit to find out what could be done. After speaking with the ESAB Customer Satisfaction Team, the situation was immediately rectified – and a new Caddy Mig C200i was expedited to Pete. The new welder was delivered to Pete’s door in a single day.

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Honoring Our Heroes

Operation Fearless 1991 Bronco Conceptual Drawing

ESAB is proud to have helped sponsor Operation Fearless, the 1991 Ford Bronco build project recently completed at the RK Motors Performance Center in Mooresville, NC to honor fallen Navy SEAL hero Adam Brown. Operation Fearless transformed Brown’s 1991 Ford Bronco into a fully-outfitted super truck, which was presented to his family in his honor at a private ceremony at the RK Motors Charlotte showroom in November 2013.

Adam Brown was awarded the Silver Star Metal for Heroism for his bravery in sacrificing his life to save the lives of several members of his assault team. Brown was a 12-year veteran of the United States Navy, with numerous tours of duty overseas. He is survived by his wife and two children.

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Dual Shield X-Series Wires: Better, Faster, Easier

ESAB’s Dual Shield® X-Series wires take your welding performance to the extreme with a versatile, forgiving arc, a wide range of operating parameters, high deposition rates, and fast travel speeds. More forgiving than traditional flux cored wires, especially for less experienced welders, Dual Shield X-Series wires are extremely easy to use and produce a weld bead with almost no ripple and very little spatter. Learn more about this innovative wire and why ESAB sets the standard in welding consumables.

The Search Is Over

ESAB’s enhanced distributor locator found on ESAB’s websites, www.esabna.com and www.esab.ca helps you identify the authorized ESAB distributor in your local area for sales or service support. It quickly pinpoints distributor locations throughout the U.S. and Canada by zip code, city or state and uses Google® maps to provide complete mapping information.

New Year – Great Deals

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ESAB Tech Tips

Starting Parameters for FCAW Wires

Determining the best parameters for setting flux-cored wires takes a certain level of experience. However, there are basic settings that can be used as the starting point for most general applications. These basic numbers make it quick and easy to establish application parameters.

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