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Making Sparks Together May 2015
Feature Story

"No Road. No Map. No Problem" Rebel Giveaway

With a rugged steel case, the ESAB Rebel keeps on welding, even in tough environments. Enter the “No Road. No Map. No Problem.” promotion at www.esab.com/offroadgiveaway

ESAB Rebel Ultra 4 Giveaway

ESAB’s promotion — “No Road. No Map. No Problem.” — offers you an opportunity to win an ESAB Rebel™ EMP 215ic multi-process welding system. The promotion runs between July 29 and October 20, 2016. Go to ESAB.com/offroadgiveaway to enter, and then visit ESAB’s Facebook page on October 22, when Andrew McLaughlin, driver for the ESAB-sponsored LetzRoll Off-Road Racing vehicle, will announce the Rebel winner at the 2016 Ultra4 National Championships.

ESAB Supports Ironworkers 2016 Instructor Training

Dozens of Ironworkers participated in ESAB’s plasma cutting contest, which required severing an I-beam using a Thermal Dynamics® Cutmaster™ 152.

Iron Workers Event

Every year, instructors from Ironworker Locals around the country gather for a week of training. This “train the trainers” event takes place at Washtenaw Community College, located about 30 minutes west of Detroit.

In addition to sending welding and cutting experts to the event to conduct training classes (see related story on Oxy-fuel Cutting Tips), ESAB brings in its demo trailer with all the latest technology on board, as well as has a “fun” night on Wednesday. This year, ESAB held a drawing for three Rebel welders, and the line nearly reached 100 yards long. After entering the Rebel drawing, many of the Ironworkers competed in our plasma cutting contest, won by Kevin Morin with a time of 18.36 seconds.

For more than 70 pictures and videos, check out the Ironworkers 2016 Facebook photo album, our event video and the plasma cutting contest winner video.

A Tribute Over 20 Years in the Making

Ben Pierce uses a Rebel multi-process welder to complete the BBQ grill started by his late father.

Ben Pierce Rebel Story

Texan and fabricator Ben Pierce recently finished a grill project started by his late father 24 years ago. Using a Rebel EMP 215ic multi-process welder, Ben collected the stainless steel parts and finished the project in time for summer grilling at his new home.

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Rock Bouncer Takes Rebel on the Road

Stewart uses his new Rebel multi-process welder on his rock-bouncing rig.

Rebel to the Rescue

Rock bouncer Will Stewart appeared on a recent episode of Ian Johnson’s Xtreme Off Road for some welding guidance and hands-on welding tips. Using an ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic multi-process welder, Stewart gained the confidence he needed to not only prepare for a huge off-road event but also to weld his own rigs.

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What Have You Welded Lately?

Submit Your Welding Story and Be Featured in an Upcoming Issue of Making Sparks Together!

We know you do great work! Tell us about the metal masterpieces you’ve created with ESAB or Victor products. If we publish your story, you’ll receive an ESAB/Victor prize package with an ESAB FR welding jacket, safety glasses, and more.

Send your story and details along with photos to marketing@esab.com.


ESAB and Victor Win Gold!

AGT Robotics

Baker's Gas & Welding Supplies recently held its version of the Summer Olympics. We’re proud to say that, you, the welders, have voted ESAB Rebel as the gold medal winner in the “Best Multi-process Machine of the Summer” category, beating out the competition. When it comes to the most trusted torches, Victor won the gold.

Thank you for the trust!

Check out Baker's Gas Facebook post from August 30 for details.

AGT Robotics is North American Automation Partner

AGT Robotics

AGT Robotics, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, has become ESAB’s first North American automation partner in its Integrator Partnership Program. Under the arrangement, ESAB provides AGT Robotics with deep access to ESAB’s technical, sales, marketing and distribution resources, as well as preferred pricing on equipment.

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ESAB Adds to Rebel Family

Rebel EM and EMS

ESAB’s Rebel™ EMS 215ic MIG/ Stick welder and Rebel EM 215ic MIG welder are now fully in stock. These welders, along with the Rebel EMP 215ic MIG/TIG/Stick multi-process welder, round out the Rebel series of welding machines, offering primary power and location flexibility and some of the most innovative welding technology available today.

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ESAB Expands Inverter Line-Up

ESAB Inverters Rebrand

Previously sold under the Thermal Arc brand and Tweco brands, ESAB now offers the ET (ESAB TIG), ES (ESAB Stick) and Fabricator Series of 3-in-1 MIG/Stick/TIG inverters. ESAB has also introduced the ET 141i AC/DC, the first 120V inverter that provides an AC TIG output for welding aluminum and HF (high frequency) non-contact arc starts for AC or DC TIG welding.

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ESAB Prime Time

Be sure to tune in to see ESAB featured on the following shows:

Friday, 9/9, 12:00 am EST
X-Treme Off-Road,
NBC Sports

Saturday, 9/10, 1:00 am EST
X-Treme Off-Road,
NBC Sports

Saturday, 9/10, 8:00 am EST
X-Treme Off-Road,
CBS Sports

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ESAB Tech Tips

In Class with the Ironworkers: Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips

When piercing, start in the center and work outward toward your cutting path. For 12 more cutting tips...Read More »

Tech Tips

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