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Origo Feed 304 M13u

Origo Feed 304 M13u

A replacement wire feeder designed to be used in place of the MIG-4HD wire feeder. The Origo Feed M13u is a basic wire feeder for use in those applications. It features a remote voltage control, an accurate wire feed speed dial, slow wire run-in, burn-back control, wire inching, gas purging, and torch trigger locking.

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  • Remote voltage control, allows local setting of power source voltage output
  • Wire feed speed, accurate graduated dial shows settings in 50 ipm (1 m/min.) increments
  • Adjustable burn-back time to correct stick-out and reduce wear of contact tips
  • 2/4 stroke, helps minimize operator fatigue by optionally selecting trigger lock in the 4 stroke mode
  • Inching/Gas Purge - Inching eliminates unsafe trigger pulls to load wire. Gas Purge ensures a clean start with pure shield gas
  • Creep start - simplifies start/stop and gradual feed of wire to optimize the starts.
  • Quick connectors - shortest possible set-up times. No tools required to change feed rolls, connect gas hose, weld cable or control cable.



Height 16.1 in.
Length 27.1 in.
Width 10.8 in.

Input Voltage

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 42 V


Weight 33 lb

Wire Feeder Specifications

Metal Aluminum
Wire Diameter 0.030-0.062 in.
Metal Cored Wire
Wire Diameter 0.035-0.078 in.

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