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MIGMASTER 215 Pro/280 Pro

MIGMASTER 215 Pro/280 Pro

The MigMaster 215 Pro/280 Pro are sturdy and robust step-controlled welding power units. They are intended for medium (215 Pro) to heavy-duty (280 Pro) MIG/MAG welding with solid wires of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, as well as cored-wires with or without shielding gas. ESABs proven technology and software provide reliability and outstanding welding performance.

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  • Equipped with V/A digital meter with hold feature
  • Creep start – gradual feed of wire for ultimate starts
  • Adjustable wire feed speed
  • Adjustable burnback timer – gives correct stick-out
  • Spot welding timer
  • Outstanding welding characteristics – efficient, high-quality welding
  • Wide current and voltage range – multi-purpose applications
  • Spool gun on-demand
  • Sturdy, galvanized metal casing with air filter (optional)



Migmaster 215 Pro

Height 32.7 in.
Length 33 in.
Width 16.7 in.

Migmaster 280 Pro

Height 36.5 in.
Length 32 in.
Width 22 in.

Input Ratings

Input Voltage Migmaster 215 Pro

Phases 1
VAC 208/230 VAC

Input Voltage Migmaster 280 Pro

Phases 1
VAC 230/460/575 VAC

Output Ratings

Permitted load Migmaster 215 Pro

Duty Cycle 20 %
Output Current AC 250 A
VAC Out 23 VAC

Permitted load Migmaster 280 Pro

Duty Cycle 40 %
Output Current AC 300 A
VAC Out 29 VAC

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