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Telerex TXB

Telerex TXB

ESAB provides specialty solutions to unique customer requirements, including customized panel cutting machines for shipbuilding block assembly lines. By incorporating an automated cutting step after assembly of the panel, accuracy is vastly improved, and a number of process steps which were traditionally done by hand can be automated. This includes panel marking with text and layout lines, primer removal for stiffener weld joints, weld joint line marking, interior cutouts with bevel cutting, and automated bevel cutting of the panel periphery.

Panel lines in all leading shipyards worldwide are running the Telerex™. Designed to provide precision support for large combination process stations, it can span up to than 33 meters, carry the newest technologies, most advanced tools, and most complex processes available.

Infinite rotating plasma bevel heads, fully-automatic triple torch oxy-fuel bevel systems, integrated sandblasting tools, grinding systems, marking tools in all variations, and on-board filters for dust collection create a complete system, not only for the shipbuilding industry but also for many other industries processing large materials.


Cutting Specifications

Cutting Width 26 m (Up to 85 ft)

General Machine Specifications

Speed Range 2-750 in./min (50-19,000 mm/min)

Tool Specifications

Configurations 6

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