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Aristo RT Robotic Torches

Aristo RT Robotic Torches

The Aristo® RT robotic torches offers world class performance in single arc and tandem applications. Standard arm torches are also very suitable for mechanized solutions.

There are three different product set ups:
    Robotic standard arm (external cable)
    Robotic hollow wrist arm Helix (+/-220°)
    Robotic hollow wrist arm Infiniturn (endless rotation)

With multiple gas cooled models and multiple water cooled models available in different swan neck angles. Packages available for ABB, Fanuc, Kukaand Motorman/Yaskawa.

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Practical advantages

  • Collision resistant design meaning no readjustment of the torch neck. Giving TCP (Tool Centre Point) stability and reducing downtime, increasing productivity
  • Integrated blow out capability can be used for cooling and cleaning of the robotic neck
  • Long life of consumables, torch body and spares
Special features
  • All torches support ESAB TrueArcVoltage™ systems and TouchSense* function from ESAB power sources
  • Quick change system for torch neck
  • Simple exchange of the cable assembly
  • Constant TCP when changing the torch neck or cable assembly
  • Extremely strong brass outer tubes provide highest TCP stability
  • Large selection of torch necks to suit every weld application
  • Customized torch necks can be ordered on request
All benefits mentioned above reduce the downtime of the robot and mechanized solutions and therefore bring more efficiency to our equipment compared with any other torch system available in the market.

* TouchSensefunction can be used via gas cup or wire. For TouchSensefunctionality standard robot arm torch is preferred. If using Helix and Infiniturnweld wire can be used as a touch sensor instead of gas cup.

Torch design
  • Large and strong brass outer tube that assures TCP stability due to its high wall thickness
  • Low spatter adhesion to brass due to its physical character
  • Brass torch flange
  • Highest precision guarantees stability

Air and water cooled torches of the same torch model use the same spare parts giving a reduction of inventory.

Smallest gas nozzles and torch heads available in order to perform excellent in all kinds of different welding jobs. Threaded gas nozzles with additional clamping lead to a much better heat transfer and therefore long life consumables which again reduce the downtime of the robot for a constant change of consumables.

Optimized gas flow which brings us an extremely stable and reliable welding arc.


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Find the Closest Distributor