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Deuce Pack 150 Plasmarc Cutting & Gouging System

Deuce Pack 150 Plasmarc Cutting & Gouging System

With 300 amps of plasma cutting and gouging power, this heavy-duty system is the ideal choice for foundries, mining, logging equipment repair and other industrial applications. It handles even the heaviest materials with the capacity to cut up to 4 in. (101.6 mm) manually and can be used for mechanized cutting.

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  • Eliminates carbon arc fumes with excellent plasma gouging capacity–removes up to 77 lbs. (35 kg) of metal an hour
  • For exceptional versatility, separates into two 150 Amp consoles for smaller scale applications
  • Adjustable output down to 30 Amps facilitates cutting of thinner metals
  • Built-In Water Cooler–simplifies maintenance, less hookup, no wiring issues, no extra hoses. Water flow is controlled with power supply
  • Leather sheath wrapped torch–protects torch leads from abrasion and molten metal
  • Cuts with air, nitrogen, argon-hydrogen mixtures or nitrogen-hydrogen mixtures
  • Built-In CNC interface provides easy connection of automation applications
  • Torch design provides perfect electrode centering– provides longer tip life by minimizing the possibility of double-arcing
  • Torch spare parts kit supplied with each outfit–ample supply of spare parts at no additional cost to minimize downtime
  • Thermal overload switches–prevents damage if unit overheats due to insufficient air flow
  • Line voltage compensation
  • Automatic intermittent cutting–additional capability, permits continuous cutting of grates, expanded metal, heavy screen material, etc.
  • One year warranty on torch


Cutting Specifications

Carbon Steel 56 lb/h
Cuts Manual 4 in.
Stainless Steel 77 lb/h

Input Ratings

Open Circuit Voltage

Amps 224/112/90 A
Frequency Hz 60 Hz
Phase 3
VAC 230/460/575 VAC

Output Ratings

Duty Cycle 90 %
Output Current AC 300 A
VAC Out 120 VAC
Duty Cycle 100 %
Output Current AC 280 A
VAC Out 120 VAC

Plasma Gas Requirements

Min. Gas Flow Requirements (plasma)

Gas Flow 240 cfh (112 l/min)
Gas Pressure 5.6 bar (80 psig)

Min. Gas Flow Requirements (shield)

Gas Flow 200 cfh (94 l/min)
Gas Pressure 6 bar (80 psig)

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