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OK Autrod 2307

A continous, solid, corrosion-resistent duplex wire for welding austenitic-ferritic stainless alloys of 21% Cr, 1% Ni or 23% Cr, 4% Ni types. OK Autrod 2307 is overalloyed in Ni to ensure correct Ferrite balance in the weld metal. Lean duplex types is used for civil engineering, storage tanks, containers, etc. These steels have in general medium corrosion resistance and good strength properties.The welding should be done as for ordinary austenitic steels, but high amperages should be avoided and interpass temperature should be maximum 150°C.

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Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

1.4 %0.2 %0.01 %0.5 %7.1 %0.15 %23.2 %

Classifications: EN ISO 14343-A, S 23 7 N L, Wire Electrode

Alloy Type: Austenitic-ferritic

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