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G150 Portable Tote

Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers: G150 Portable Tote
G150-100-CP Tote w/o tanks 0384-0943
G150-J-P Tote w/o tanks 0384-0945
G150-100-CPT Tote w/ tanks 0384-0944
G150-J-CP Tote w/o tanks 0384-0947
G150-J-AFP Tote w/o tanks 0384-0954
G150-J-CPT Tote w/ tanks 0384-0948
G150-J-PT Tote w/ tanks 0384-0946
G150-J-APT Tote w/ tanks 0384-0956
G150-J-AP Tote w/o tanks 0384-0955
G150-J-ACPT Tote w/ tanks 0384-0958
G150-J-ACP Tote w/o tanks 0384-0957

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