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9 Precautions and Safe Practices WARNING: These Safety Precautions are for your protection. They summarize precautionary information from the references listed in Additional Safety Information section. Before performing any installation or operating procedures, be sure to read and follow the safety precautions listed below as well as all other manuals, material safety data sheets, labels, etc. Failure to observe Safety Precautions can result in injury or death. PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS -- Some welding, cutting, and gouging processes are noisy and require ear protection. The arc, like the sun, emits ultraviolet (UV) and other radiation and can injure skin and eyes.  Hot metal can cause burns. Training in the proper use of the processes and equipment is essential to prevent accidents. Therefore: 1.   Always wear safety glasses with side shields in any work area, even if welding helmets, face shields, and goggles are also required. 2.   Use a face shield fitted with the correct filter and cover plates to protect your eyes, face, neck, and ears from sparks and rays of the arc when operating or observing operations. Warn bystanders not to watch the arc and not to expose themselves to the rays of the electric-arc or hot metal. 3.   Wear flameproof gauntlet type gloves, heavy long-sleeve shirt, cuffless trousers, high-topped shoes, and a welding helmet or cap for hair protection, to protect against arc rays and hot sparks or hot metal. A flameproof apron may also be desirable as protection against radiated heat and sparks. 4.   Hot sparks or metal can lodge in rolled up sleeves, trouser cuffs, or pockets. Sleeves and collars should be kept buttoned, and open pockets eliminated from the front of clothing 5.   Protect other personnel from arc rays and hot sparks with a suitable non-flammable partition or curtains. 6.   Use goggles over safety glasses when chipping slag or grinding. Chipped slag may be hot and can fly far. Bystanders should also wear goggles over safety glasses.