LESSON VII © COPYRIGHT 2000 THE ESAB GROUP, INC. 7.12   AWS E70T-5 7.12.1 DUAL SHIELD T-5 & T-75 - A high quality electrode of the basic slag type.  It produces weld metal of excellent impact properties.  The weld metal is resistant to cracking and the deposition efficiency and deposition rates are high.  This electrode has the ap- proval for use on structural work, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, and military work under many codes and specifications.    CO2 shielding gas is recommended for the 3/32" and 7/64" diameters. Ar- gon-25% CO2 is recommended for .045" and 1/16" diameters, producing a spray-like smooth metal transfer.  May be used for high current, high deposition welding. 7.13   ALL-POSITION ELECTRODES ESAB  was the originator of gas shielded, all-position flux cored wires.  These electrodes have gained wide usage because they provide the most rapid method of depositing deep penetrating, sound welds in all positions, thus eliminating costly setup time and expensive fixturing.  Available in .035", .045", .052", and 1/16" diameters, they may be used on plate thicknesses as thin as 3/16" in the vertical position, and 1/8" in the flat or horizontal.  They have been used for multipass welding on 3" thick material in many nuclear power plant applications.  The shielding gas may be straight CO2 or Argon-25% CO2 as indicated below. 7.13.1 DUAL SHIELD 7000 (E71T-1/E71T-1M & E71T-9/E71T-9M) - This is the original all-position electrode and was designed to be used with either straight CO2 or Argon-25% CO2 shielding gas.  Using the Argon-CO2 mixture will improve the arc characteristics, in- crease the wetting action, and decrease penetration slightly.  The fast freezing slag is easily removed and holds the weld puddle for rapid vertical-up and overhead welding.  Performs well over normal mill scale and rust. A. Typical Weld Metal Mechanical Properties (As Welded) Yield Point 76,000 psi Tensile Strength 86,000 psi Elongation in 2" 27% Reduction of Area 67% Charpy V-notch Impact 32 ft-lbs @0°F

Lesson 1
The Basics of Arc Welding
Lesson 2
Common Electric
Arc Welding Processes
Lesson 3
Covered Electrodes for Welding
Mild Steels
Lesson 4
Covered Electrodes for Welding Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 5
Welding Filler Metals for Stainless Steels
Lesson 6
Carbon & Low Alloy
Steel Filler Metals -
Lesson 7
Flux Cored Arc Electrodes Carbon Low Alloy Steels
Lesson 8
Hardsurfacing Electrodes
Lesson 9
Estimating & Comparing Weld Metal Costs
Lesson 10
Reliability of Welding Filler Metals
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