Strong endorsements.

What do real welders think of ESAB 7018 products? Take a look below at the comments we've received, and you'll see why ESAB is the most trusted name in covered electrodes. And if you've tried ESAB electrodes out for yourself, fill out a product evaluation to get free gear.

It is smooth running and has awesome arc characteristics.

– Mason K. (Traverse City, MI)

Superb wetting out characteristics in out-of-position welding. It's the smoothest 7018 I have ever used. Awesome rod for overhead welding...absolutely love it!

– Charlie C. (Poplar, WI)

The puddle is very easy to control even doing out of position welds. [The sample giveaway is an] excellent way for people to test new products and evaluate on their own in the real world.

– Chris S. (Clinton Corners, NY)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because it produces good, clean welds.

– Seth F. (Evansville, IN)

They are one of the smoothest running electrodes I have ever ran. They run much nicer than the competition's electrodes.

– Ryan J. (Duncansville, PA)

I used the Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim and loved it. I used them on a 4g open butt plate test. And I passed the first try. They have great ignition and I can control the puddle with ease. Thanks ESAB, this is my new rod of choice.

– Josh S. (Myrtle Beach, SC)

It laid down smooth, started easily and welded in every position I tried with no difficulty. Great lookin' welds.

– Spain H. (Austin, TX)

It is less splatter, [and] burns smoother in any position.

– Don M. (Magnolia, TX)

They worked very well. I tried them below the recommend amps and still struck a nice arc without sticking. Slag was easy to remove with minimum splatter. I requested a sample from a Facebook post, to try them at work. A representative called me and she sent them out with our A.W.I representative. This entire experience was a pleasure! In fact my employer bought 50 pounds after trying them out. Thank you.

– Tony H. (Borden, IN)

I was very impressed. I do a lot of heavy equipment repair. Not only does it run smoothly, it has a very repeatable consistant look that my customers like to see.

– Keith J. (Loveland, OH)

This is the finest lo hy rod I have ever used. It works great all positions, nice puddle control, easy re-strike, smooth and stable arc.

– Ralph C. (Hookstown, PA)

Atom Arc Acclaim 7018 is not only in the upper class of electrodes, it is by far the alpha dominant . An apex of innovation has once again been reached by ESAB.

– Dennis M. (Pioneer, LA)

I love the 7018 atom arc acclaim rod. It wets out very well. I have burnt 100 pounds of the acclaim so far. I have put on about 50 well heads on with not 1 problem. Very nice position rod.

– John H. (Marshall, TX)

I tried the sample on several different steels and thickness. I purposely did not clean edges or flats. I made large gap and tight fit with water base coolant on weld area. The rod did a superb job in all the trials i could do to it. The worst thing I could see was in restriking of cold rod. It restruck better than any other 7018 rod I ever used but it could still be stubern and had to hit steel welding table to get rod started. I will be useing more it is a very good and forgiving rod.

– Kenneth C. (Crawfordsville, IN)

A rod made with future ideas.

– Bill M. (Murrells Inlet, SC)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because it's much easier to control. Awesome.

– Brian G. (North Kansas City, MO)

[It] welds smooth... good restart, will try again.

– Frank A. (Henrico, VA)

I think that the rod welds really well out of position and it has good puddle freezing. I think that it's a good step above the atom arc rod. Thanks.

– Jeff K. (Henderson, NE)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because of superior puddle control.

– John E. (Register, GA)

Excellent rod - great on the stop/starts, wets out on edge of puddle real nice & slag was easy to chip off. This rod was easy to control the puddle also in the vert. position.

– John V. (Belleville, ON, CAN)

It's smooth--I like all the positions the rod can weld in. It lets you weld however you please. The rod has the most control over any I've ever used before.

– Austin D. (Oklahoma City, OK)

It runs good-didn't sparkle or pop. It was a top of the line new rod and it is going to bring a new era to welding.

– Timmy S. (Oklahoma City, OK)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because of the crispness and welding out of position. I like the rods. I will be buying me some.

– Melvin C. (Moore, OK)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because [of] the restrike.

– Abe D. (Norman, OK)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because it's perfection wrapped in a small package.

– Greg S. (Hutchinson, KS)

This rod strikes like no other and gives excellent weld quality in any condition. Between its superb wetting action and very consistent feel, in and out of position, make this rod a mainstay in my electrode choice for heavy farm machinery fabrication and repair.

– Kevin S. (Richmond, ON)

I like Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because it has a very controlable puddle much better out of position than rods i used in the past.

– Brian L. (Daleville, IN)

It welded smooth and looked great! Its always awsome to get free stuff and then have the free stuff work better than you expected is more than I could ask for.

– Kelly F. (Borger, TX)

Great product! I normally am stuck using lincoln excalibur 7018s. These atom arc acclaim 7018s have excellent restarts, great puddle control, and the flux lays down over the weld perfectly. Gonna get my boss to order ESAB products from now on!

– John O. (Edgewater Park, NJ)

I feel it wets out in a way the best suits my welding technique. Superb rod, smooth arc, very user-friendly, and visually pleasing.

– Charlie C. (Poplar, WI)

I like Atom Arc 7018 because [of] puddle control.

– Ryan J. (Turners Falls, MA)

I've never had so much control over a stick before.

– Ruiz S. (Yuma, AZ)

I like ESAB 7018 because it can weld in more positions than I can!

– Mark P. (Pittsburgh, PA)