When it comes to 7018 electrodes, ESAB has you covered.

You want a stick electrode you can trust. And that's just what you'll find with ESAB's 7018 line of low-hydrogen covered electrodes. No matter the project, ESAB electrodes offer the ease of use, superior welding performance, tough mechanical properties, and consistent quality you need to get the job done. Plus, every stick of the 7018 line is proudly made in the USA. So find the electrode that best fits your application, and get ready to take your welding to the next level.

Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim

Introducing Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim - the next generation of low-hydrogen, iron-powder covered electrodes. Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim offers the same drive and dig that has made Atom Arc the industry standard, but now with improved puddle control - resulting in easier out-of-position welding. Whether you're a novice or seasoned welder, you'll find Atom Arc Acclaim offers great arc initiation, low arc wander, and easy slag removal.

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In critical weld situations, Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim gives you the confidence you need:

  • Excellent puddle control, resulting in easier out-of-position welding
  • Ease of use
  • Great arc initiation
  • Minimal cleanup
  • Wider operating range
  • E7018H4R Classification

Atom Arc 7018

Atom Arc 7018 continues to lead the way for high-production, radiographic-quality welds in mild- and low-alloy steel. Experienced welders find Atom Arc 7018 electrodes surprisingly easy to use in comparison to conventional low-hydrogen electrodes, and quite different from ordinary mild-steel electrodes. Atom Arc 7018 produces a deep penetrating arc, with excellent control and minimal cleanup.

These low-hydrogen, moisture-resistant electrodes are known for their superior welding performance, tough mechanical properties, crack resistance, high operator appeal, and consistent quality. That's why Atom Arc 7018 was used on some of the most prestigious projects in recent history.

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Want to learn more about Atom Arc 7018?
Download the product data sheet. Adobe Reader

Atom Arc 7018 is industry-renowned for:

  • Long heritage of quality and toughness
  • Broad package and diameter range
  • Complete line of agency and military approvals
  • E7018H4R Classification

ESAB 7018

Low-hydrogen welding is a mainstay of many fabrication and maintenance applications. Covered electrodes are often used in all types of weather and in hard-to-reach locations. Expert welders want a stick electrode they can rely on for deep penetration, consistent quality, and X-ray caliber welds. But not all covered electrodes are created equal.

The same quality and expertise that goes into the Atom Arc line also goes into the ESAB 7018 covered electrode. ESAB 7018 electrodes are perfect for general fabrication and welding, offering consistent performance and welder appeal.

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ESAB 7018 is designed to help you get the job done:

  • Ideal for maintenance and general repair applications
  • A simple electrode for the price-conscious fabricator
  • Good weldability in horizontal and vertical positions
  • Excellent re-striking and slag removal
  • E7018 AWS Classification